BSB focuses on Continuing Professional Development on INSET Day


We have started the Spring term leaving behind another successful term, with record breaking growth, in terms of staff Continuing Professional Development and BSB Community engagement.

Our carefully designed CPD programme is an opportunity for our teaching and learning to continue to be the best it can be, and to allow us to keep us on track of the latest research and educational approaches, leading the way to build a culture where career-long learning is an expectation. With a clear focus on pupil outcomes and how best practice has a significant impact on student achievement, our programme is thoughtfully planned in terms of time, resources and desired results.

Our CPD programe at The British School of Barcelona includes several INSET Days throughout the year, which fulfill several purposes, including workshops from world’s leading researchers and practitioners showcasing trends, opportunities and challenges in developing professional learning for teachers, departmental planning time, lesson planning, appraisal review meetings and coaching. It is also an opportunity to update staff on school policies and to share best practices. This is often the only time that all staff can meet together for an extended time.

An example for this was Monday 9th January. Our after-Christmas INSET Day included a whole-school introduction into the new term by Executive Principal Jon Locke, followed by Dr Simon Camby, Group Education Director at Cognita Schools Group, presenting on the new Cognita framework and approach to Teaching and Learning.

Another highlight of the day was the third session of our BSB TeachMeets, where a range of teachers from across campuses and key stages present on a topic that is connected to some of the BSB Learning Habits our teaching and learning is based on. Starting back in September, these peer-to-peer meetings have become an excellent opportunity for teachers to share their knowledge and best practice, and for all in the audience to grow our professional capital. After having covered the Learning Habits of Curiosity, Imagination, Thinking, Attention and Determination in previous sessions, Monday’s had a focus on Organisation and Reflection. The feedback from these sessions is always very enthusiastic as it’s an opportunity for teachers to learn ideas, tricks/tips or approaches from others that can include in their lessons plan to build these learning habits in the classroom.

The timetable for the day included sessions to review safeguarding protocols and deliver up-to-date First Aid training for a number of staff members across professional areas in school.

The remainder of the day was spent in Departments, with specific areas which needed to be covered for the term ahead, including learning environments and classroom organisation.