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At The British School of Barcelona we are fully committed to excellence. This implies ensuring highest teaching standards at all levels and the best outcomes

At The British School of Barcelona we are fully committed to excellence. This implies:

  • Ensuring highest teaching standards at all levels.
  • Delivering quality first teaching in the classroom.
  • Making it possible for all students to realise their potential, whatever their needs and abilities, through flexible and varied provision.
  • Providing ample opportunities for students to find their talents.
  • Fostering academic ambition through a well-thought-out enriched curriculum.
  • Arranging appropriate educational settings which facilitate effective teaching and learning.

The combination of all these key elements allow the students of The International British School to achieve outstanding levels of performance in their examinations every year.

The British School of Barcelona are regularly inspected on the quality of our work by inspectors and inspection teams from the UK from the BSO (British Schools Overseas) inspection service, CIS (Council of International Schools), Examination boards and teams from Cognita, our parent company. Read more

External Exam Results Summary

BSB Exam Results 2019 SummaryView/Download
BSB Exam Results Historic Summary (2007-2018)View/Download

2019 A Level Highlights

BSB’s 2019 A level results saw record numbers of students obtaining the highest grades and gaining places at some of the best Universities across the world.  99% of grades at A level were between A* and E, whilst 42% of grades were awarded the highest grades of A*-A, a development on previous years and well beyond UK national averages, which stand at 95% and 27% respectively.

An impressive 68% of BSB students gained at least 1 A*-A grade in their various subjects whilst BSB students Claudia De G L and Andrea F got the highest marks in the country for A level Biology and AS level Economics respectively.

Our students gained places at top Universities in Spain and abroad, with 20 of the 35 students opting to study in the UK starting the new academic year at prestigious Russell Group UK Universities, including 3 at Imperial College and one at Cambridge. Significant numbers of our leavers are also going on to study at top Spanish courses. 


of students achieved A*-E grades


of students achieved A*-A grades


of students achieved at least one A*-A grade in their various subjects

2019 IB Diploma Highlights

A small cohort of students undertook the IB Diploma across their two years in Nexus. Whilst there were some impressive results across certain subjects and, again, individual students obtaining places at excellent universities, we are very aware of the need to continue developing and improving in this area of our curriculum offer.

2019 IGCSE Highlights

At GCSE, last year’s success was further developed with 91% of grades falling between A* and C or 9 to 4 (under the reformed system), and 48% of all results being awarded the top grades of A*-A or 9-7. Once again, these results are well beyond UK National averages of 67% and 20% respectively.

Matej K and Adriana G obtained the highest marks in the country for ICT and Geography GCSE respectively.


of students achieved A*-C grades


of students achieved A*-A grades

2019 PCE Highlights

In 2019, 21 BSB school graduates gained access to Spanish universities.
8 students out of these took the PCE exams.

Of all 2019 graduates accessing a Spanish university, 6 were awarded full or partial scholarships thanks to their outstanding academic results. 

* PCE: Pruebas de Competencias Específicas (required exams to access to Spanish universities – for those courses with highest demand)

Outstanding Learner Awards

Every year the students of The British School achieve outstanding levels of performance in their external examinations, well above the average found in the United Kingdom. The prestigious Outstanding Learner Awards annually reward our top performing learners at both (I)GCSE and A Level exams, in recognition of the enormous talent and hard work not only amongst learners but also within our teaching staff.

‘Top in the World’ refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

‘Top in Spain’ refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in our country for a single subject.

‘High Achievement’ is awarded to learners who have achieved the highest standard marks in their country in subjects which are not so widely taken.

BSB Outstanding Learner Awards Historic (2013-2018)View/Download
Awards categoryStudentSubjectInternational QualificationExamination series
Top in SpainClaudiaBiologyA LevelJune 2019
Top in SpainAndreaEconomicsAS LevelJune 2019
Top in SpainAdrianaGeographyIGCSEJune 2019
Top in SpainMatejITIGCSEJune 2019

Destinations for Higher Education

We are very proud of The British School of Barcelona students’ excellent results. It is their passport to some of the best universities in the world and future career success.

Follow this link if you want to learn about our leavers’ destinations in the United Kingdom, Spain and all over the world, and the university courses they choose after school: Destinations for Higher Education