Inspection Reports

Recognition to our ongoing quality improvement and best teaching practices

Inspection Reports

The British School of Barcelona is regularly inspected as a British School Overseas, whether by Cambridge Education or SIS (School Inspection Service), and also by NABSS, The National Association of British Schools in Spain.

See below our most recent inspection reports:

Inspection Report
March 2016

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Highlights from the report:

“The consistency of good teaching over time is the reason why all students make outstanding progress.”

“The executive headteacher provides an experienced and very strong lead to the work of the school. He is ably supported by a good senior and middle management team and a staff that share his vision and ambition. This shared sense of purpose is what is driving the school forward and gives it a strong capacity for further improvement. Together, the senior managers have ensured that the British schools overseas (BSO) standards are met.”

“Pupils learn outstandingly well at all stages of the british school and make consistently high levels of progress.”

“In Early Years, children make very good progress. This continues into Key Stage 1 and 2. In Key Stage 3, the school’s initial baseline test shows that the pupils come from the full ability range and progress is again very good, especially in English.”

“(I)GCSE results at the end of Key Stage 4 are excellent.”

“This is well above the average found in Britain.”

“In many lessons students relish the challenging work, are highly motivated and work at a demanding pace, ensuring learning progresses rapidly.”

“This is due to the excellent knowledge, skills and understanding they have gained in literacy and mathematical understanding through their time at the school. They treat each other with respect creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere where learning thrives.”

“Teaching and assessment are good. They are consistently good in the Early Years, in the primary school and at Key Stage 3. In the secondary school, teaching is particularly strong in the sixth form. The consistency of good teaching over time is the reason why all students of The British School of Barcelona make outstanding progress and achievement.”

“The depth of teachers’ subject knowledge, questioning and expectations are a significant strength.”

“Teachers of The British School of Barcelona enjoy teaching and relationships are outstanding.”

“Teachers benefit greatly from the excellent support and guidance they receive about pupils with English as an additional language and special educational needs.”

“Students’ personal development is outstanding in a school that values everybody.”

“In all lessons, at break times and when moving around the school students behave impeccably. These excellent attitudes to work continue and mature as students move through the secondary school and into the sixth form. They are very well prepared when they leave the british school to make the most of their future lives.”

“The school’s provision for students’ welfare health and safety is outstanding. Since the last inspection leaders have undertaken a thorough review of all procedures. Staff recruitment procedures meet current regulations. These have taken into account the need to balance the expected requirements within the UK with those in relation to Spanish and Catalan law.”

“The quality and effectiveness of leadership and management are good. The newly appointed executive headteacher has a very clear, realistic and ambitious plan to improve the school’s provision and facilities.”

“As a result, morale is high and relationships between staff, students, parents and the proprietor are good.”

“Parents generally have a good working relationship with the british school. The returned questionnaires to the parents’ survey, while low in number, are supportive.”

“Provision for Early Years is very effective. Children make a secure start to their education. Teachers know their subject and understand how young children learn.”

Inspection Report
October 2017

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Highlights from the report:

“The British School of Barcelona is housed on a purpose-built site which provides spacious and well-lit classrooms. (…) Teaching rooms are suitably furnished and well resourced. A good range of reading and practical resources are available and the school regularly purchases new items in response to specific curriculum needs.”

The teaching staff is suitably qualified and experienced to be able to deliver the National Curriculum effectively in early years and primary.”

“.The british school’s curricular planning ensures effective coverage of all areas required by the National Curriculum and allows a creative and flexible approach.”

The British School of Barcelona has been particularly successful in ensuring that new pupils integrate and adapt as quickly as possible, and that all pupils work together with confidence and mutual respect.”

“Most lessons provide good, and sometimes outstanding, learning opportunities for the children in the school. They are well planned and make good use of a variety of resources.”

“Children throughout the school are motivated and engaged in lessons and their behaviour is good. They enjoy learning, they feel supported and participate confidently in class discussions and assigned tasks.”

“Pupils feel that they benefit from a safe and supportive school environment. They feel positive about the working relationship they have with their teachers and show a good understanding of the importance of developing independent learning skills.”

“The school has undergone a significant transformation in a relatively short period of time and the success of this owes a lot to outstanding leadership and management.”

“Communication between the school management and parents works effectively. High quality written information clarifies the school’s aims, ethos and routines, while good use of reporting systems and school diaries allows parents to be aware of their children’s progress. Parents are supportive of recent changes in the school and consider that The British School of Barcelona has a good understanding of their children’s needs.” 

Follow the link for the SIS BSO Handbook for inspecting British Schools Overseas –used by BSO schools as a basis for their professional standards– to see the criteria on which a school is judged for an inspection.

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