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Clipping 2018


16th May 2018

British Chamber Spain

11th May 2018


3rd May 2018

La Vanguardia

22nd January 2018

Clipping 2017

El Mundo

17th July 2017

Ser Padres

26th May 2017

El Economista

20th May 2017

Radio Maricel

4th March 2017

Radio Castelldefels

16th February 2017


8th February 2017


7th February 2017

RRHH Digital

1st February 2017

Radio Castelldefels

25th January 2017

2016 Clippings


7th December 2016

Diario Vasco

28th May 2016

Inèdit Magazine

15th March 2016

El Castell

10th March 2016

El Baix

9th March 2016

Castelldefels City Council

7th March 2016

El Mundo

2nd March 2016

Castelldefels al Día

29th February 2016

Castelldefels al Día

11th February 2016

British Chamber of Commerce in Spain

1st February 2016

La Prensa Castelldefels al Día Magazine

24th January 2016

Castelldefels al Día

22nd January 2016

2015 Clippings

La Vanguardia

3rd July 2015

El Punt

26th June 2015

Eix Diari

4th June 2015

2nd June 2015

Eco de Sitges

29th May 2015


22nd May 2015

22nd May 2015

Eix Diari

21st May 2015

Castelldefels al Dia

17th May 2015


12th May 2015

La Vanguardia

9th May 2015


5th May 2015

La Razón

1st April 2015

El Mundo

11th March 2015

El Mercurio

9th March 2015