Our BSB Scholarship rewards all-round excellence as reflected in pupils’ academic and personal ambition

The BSB Scholarship for Excellence rewards all-round excellence as reflected in pupils’ academic and/or personal ambition, independence of thought and learning, enthusiasm to work beyond the syllabus and/or commitment to co-curricular activities.

Every year we offer one scholarship to one of our current pupils, which covers 25% of the tuition fees over two years.

The students’ academic record is important, but we will also take into account their personal qualities, cultural interests and the other activities they pursue outside the classroom. We are particularly interested in the role that they think they can take in school to improve our community.

The BSB scholar is required to attend 2 events for prospective parents each year and to identify and fulfill a real role within school, which will benefit the school community.

Application Procedure

To apply for the scholarship, internal applicants must meet the following conditions and requirements:

  • Take part in a panel interview that will focus on the wider curriculum and your participation in extra-curricular activities in school.
  • Present the following documents:
    • An academic reference from the school
    • Copies of two most recent reports from the current school
    • Proof of the grades at the end of Year 11 (4º ESO)
    • Evidence of external interests and achievements
  • Fill in the application form. The form should be completed by hand and all relevant documentation must be enclosed.


The hard copy of the application for the scholarship should be submitted to the school Reception by Friday, 6th October 2017.

Interviews for the scholarship will be held in the school on Wednesday, 11th October 2017.

The scholarship will be awarded in the week starting 16th October 2017.

2017-2019 Scholarship

Please download the 2017-2019 Scholarship Announcement and Application Form:

2017-2019 Scholarship for ExcellenceView/Download