New campus
in Barcelona City

New campus in Barcelona City

Opening September 2021

The British School of Barcelona is an all-through British International School for children aged 3-18.

Welcome to BSB City

An educational experience in an international environment that inspires young people to step out into a world that is constantly changing, with the confidence and resilience to embrace every challenge.

With a focus on personalised care and support, we believe in a tailored education for every student. With the British Curriculum we allow our students to adjust their studies by choosing their curriculum pathway; A-levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

We develop each individual’s social, emotional, cognitive and digital skills, and instil great learning habits, so they are ready to take on the world and find their passions.

BSB City, now in the heart of Barcelona

Welcome to the new campus of The British School of Barcelona.

Opening September 2021

Carrer de l’Esperança, 32
08017 Barcelona

BSB City

Be World Ready


At BSB, we focus on the care and support for each individual, as we understand how important it is for children to be happy and feel safe. We want our students to leave BSB as confident young adults, but we also want them to be prepared to take on the world. Because the world will not judge them only for what they know, but also for who they are.

At The British School of Barcelona we have been inspiring young people for more than 60 years

Future facing

Our engaging, forward looking curriculum inspires a lifelong love of learning. Students develop the learning habits and the personal skills they need to thrive at school, university and in life beyond.

Outstanding Reputation

We have a well-established, proven approach to teaching and learning. Outstanding exam results open up unique opportunities for students to gain access to the best universities, both in Spain and abroad, or for whatever next step they choose in life.

Individual Focus

By offering an individual learning experience we ensure students become independent, creative, curious thinkers. This includes a tailor-made curriculum, individualised pathways and options choices.

Global Outlook

We are an international community embracing difference and diversity. A broad offer of collaboration opportunities empowers students to become active global citizens.

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Quick facts


Years being a caring, learning community with high expectations.


The British School of Barcelona has four campuses in the area of Barcelona.


Student nationalities.

All through education

3-18 years

Early Years

Early Years is the bedrock of education. It’s a unique short timespan where the brain is most malleable, and language is best acquired. 

We offer an educational journey that lasts until 18. Evidence tells us that if we get it right in the early years, we can expect to see children thrive throughout school and their adult lives.


All subjects are taught through a thematic and creative approach, using many different teaching strategies with the children working individually, co-operatively in small or large groups, and at times as a whole class. 

At The British School of Barcelona we believe that learning should be meaningful and we provide opportunities to promote pupils’ moral, social and cultural development.


Students have specialist teachers in each subject area and a form teacher who provides tutorial support and guidance, and who is responsible for monitoring their overall progress and well-being


Our educational model at this stage aims to prepare students for the real world in an environment that allows them to develop 21st century skills, through learning techniques that encourage creativity and innovation, resilience, lifelong learning and unlearning for continuous growth.

The British Curriculum is a highly personalised programme that allows students to tailor their studies by choosing their curriculum pathway; A-levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB)

The Foundation Campus

Opening September 2021

Our new Foundation campus is located in a “Modernist” building in the upper area of Barcelona (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi).

This is an Early Years and Primary school for children aged 3-9, who will start their learning journey with us in the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Foundation Campus includes:

  • 500 sqm of outdoor learning areas
  • 750 sqm of purpose-built indoor space
  • 10 fairly sized teaching spaces, with natural light
  • 200 pupils capacity (from Nursery to Year 6)

The Foundation campus will provide a small familiar environment for our new BSB students before they move to the larger BSB City campus when it opens its doors in 2023.

The BSB City Campus

Opening September 2023

BSB CIty will expand with the opening of the main building in Sant Gervasi, near John Kennedy Square, just a 5-minutes walk from the Foundation Campus.

It will offer an all-through, first-class education to 3-to-18-year-old students (Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Pre-University).

The new state-of-the-art BSB City campus will be located in the same neighbourhood as the Foundation campus (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi), within a 5-minute walking distance.

It will consist of 2 adjoining buildings and will include:

  • 5,500 sqm of indoor spaces
  • 1,200 sqm of outdoor spaces
  • Top class learning spaces, including Science labs, workshop areas and an Art room
  • Common student areas
  • First-rate, spacious sport facilities, both on-site and off-site
  • Fantastic public transport connection
  • 750 pupils capacity (from Early Years to Pre-University)

The British School of Barcelona

New City Campus

Carrer de l’Esperança, 32

08017 Barcelona

(+34) 661 297 210

The British School of Barcelona

New City Campus

Carrer de l’Esperança, 32

08017 Barcelona

(+34) 661 297 210

More campuses

The British School of Barcelona


Early Years, Primary & Secondary

(3-15 years)

Carrer Ginesta, 26

08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Information for Enrolment:

 (+34) 93 707 95 98

The British School of Barcelona


Early Years & Primary

(3-10 years)

Passeig Isaac Albéniz, s/n

08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Information for Enrolment:

 (+34) 93 707 95 98

The British School of Barcelona



(16-18 years)

Carrer Ginesta, 2-10

08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Information for Enrolment:

 (+34) 93 707 95 98

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