HMC Membership

The British School of Barcelona is proud to announce that Dr Josep González, as Headmaster of BSB, has been accepted as a full international member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (

HMC is a prestigious society dating back to 1869 and bringing together top independent schools in the UK and abroad which share a clear commitment to all-round excellence: academic ambition coupled with a strong emphasis on pastoral care and exceptional co-curricular opportunities. Membership will bring us a number of benefits, from continuous professional development to valuable international contacts, but first and foremost it will show us the way forward as HMC schools represent an outstanding educational model.

Having been officially recognised by the UK as a British School Overseas in 2011 was a very important first step. Since then, we have continued to improve standards of teaching and learning, we have reinforced our pastoral structure and we have set up an impressive Enrichment Programme consisting of assemblies, tutorials and societies.

The HMC accreditation panel inspected BSB in June and they looked at a range of areas going from the quality of teaching to pupil progress, resources, facilities and school leadership. They particularly valued our ‘ambitious vision for the development of BSB, which aims to transfer and embed some of the best aspects of UK independent education in an international context.’

Our application had the personal support of the Heads of Eton, Westminster and Bradfield, and we are one of only two schools in the whole of Spain to have been invited to join HMC.