Primary Music lessons by the Exeter University Chamber Orchestra

Last Wednesday the Exeter University Chamber Orchestra visited the Primary Music students of the BSB. This visit is part of their annual tour, where they have a chance to put on several concerts, in between exploring, sightseeing and having general fun. Having previously performed in Nice, Lisbon, Prague, Krakow and Salzburg, this year they travelled to Barcelona. No wonder they consider this tour the highlight of the year!

First there was a workshop in the Music room where they explained the different instruments in their orchestra. Then, they made a little demonstration of each in the BSB Theatre and showed how all the instruments fit together. Mr McClure, their conductor, was a real showman on stage! He introduced the players and the different instruments (viola, cello, flute, oboe) and asked them to play different types of pieces to demonstrate various techniques. He explained about the differences between instruments (size, number of strings, sounds, notes) in a very pedagogical way so that our children could clearly understand how each worked.

The orchestra did an outstanding job performing several pieces which clearly evidenced the skills and expertise of these young musicians. The virtuosity of the soloists as well as of the full orchestra also proved their intense musical training, perseverance and motivation.

The session was a terrific success and our children really enjoyed this day.

About Exeter University Chamber Orchestra

Exeter University Chamber Orchestra is an intimate group of 25-30 string players conducted by Paul McClure. They play a wide variety of music, from Baroque pieces such as Vivaldi’s Quadruple Violin Concerto, to 20th Century minimalist Arvo Pert, to student compositions. Each term they perform one or two concerts, both in the university and in venues around town, as well as an annual tour.