Planetari Mòbil per Despertar la Curiositat de Year 8

BSB-Y8-Planetarium (2)
Com els alumnes de Year 8 estan estudiant la Terra i l’espai en el seu currículum de Ciències, Mr Bower, director de Ciències de Key Stage 3, i el seu equip, van organitzar la visita de Cel Obert per instal·lar un planetari mòbil al gimnàs del campus de BSB Castelldefels. Va ser una experiència increïble per als estudiants, els quals van descobrir les meravelles de l’espai exterior.

Posteriorment, els alumnes van explicar el que havien après d’aquesta activitat en les ressenyes que van redactar sobre la sessió:

“It was fascinating to learn more about our solar system and even further than that. We learnt new information about interesting things, such as the phases of the moon, how our seasons work and what a nebula is. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to other schools too when learning about the exciting topics of space”, Jeannie.

“In my opinion space is a very marvelous part of our life which has created life, and eventually us. At the end of the video we all took pictures with cool masks and we also got our questions answered about what we doubted about the video and generally from things in space. It was very pleasant, fun and very interesting!”, Desire.

“A great experience in the planetarium. All interesting information well explained while we were laid down. We came out of the planetarium with all mysteries resolved, with clear explanation. An entertaining clip in 3D. I recommend this planetarium to everyone!”, Olga

“We were introduced as an alien visiting our solar system. It showed all the planets but was mostly focused on Earth, its moon and the Sun. I really liked it”, Victor