Year 13 Inaugura l’Exposició ‘Viewpoints’

Com a punt final a un brillant període de creativitat i anàlisi en el curs de Visual Arts del currículum d’IB, diversos alumnes de Year 13 del BSB Sitges van muntar una exposició amb les seves obres d’art basada en la visió de la relació que desitjaven establir entre les obres i el públic. El resultat va ser una extraordinària exposició de 8 treballs que, sota el títol ‘Viewpoints’, convidava els visitants (alumnes, professors i pares) a gaudir-ne i reflexionar-hi.

La inauguració va tenir lloc el 19 d’abril amb la presentació d’Ariadna, Adrian i Sofya, alumnes de Year 13, on van explicar tota la feina feta al llarg dels dos anys que ha durat el curs: producció d’idees, exploració d’artistes de referència, investigacions exhaustives, desenvolupament de mitjans i la proposta final de 8 peces d’art.

Ms Fernández, professora d’Art del BSB, va explicar, “La inauguració va anar molt bé. Van assistir-hi alumnes, pares i personal de l’escola per donar suport als artistes i conèixer més sobre la seva obra. Va ser una gran satisfacció per als alumnes poder compartir el seu viatge artístic i respondre a les preguntes dels assistents. Es van sentir orgullosos de la seva feina, de les seves idees i de la seva visió. Les obres demostren que són joves atrevits, compromesos, curiosos, reflexius i amb principis. Ben fet!


La crònica de Sofya, artista de Year 13

“My art work has moved through several different ideas, but they are all related to the theme of cultural identity. While investigating the topic I realized that my identity was shaped by three main things: family, religion and traditions of my country. I have tried to explore these by looking at my childhood, my parents, grandparents and Russia as a whole. In my sketchbook, I dedicated a lot of pages to photography and created mind maps and brainstorms that helped me organize my ideas.

The main idea behind my exhibition is to make the viewer feel like he is in Russian, since my project is quite personal, I decided that it should be a small, closed space, where the viewer could feel safe and comfortable. When developing the space, I took into account the fact, that pretty much all of my viewers are used to reading from left to right, meaning that I should tell my story in this direction. My works have incorporated photography, painting and an installation. I’ve tried to choose the media that would help me show the brightness, richness and depth of my memories in relation to my identity. I have incorporated traditional Russian patterns in several of my pieces and a choice of three main colours: red, blue and gold which gives the art pieces and the exhibition a coherence. The art works I chose for my exhibition help me bring to life the ideas that I wanted to promote and get the reaction of the audience that I wanted to see. All of the pieces are teaching the viewer about the Russian culture and gives them an opportunity to think about it in a way they never did.

My personal favourite from my exhibition is “New kind of selfie”. The idea behind this work was influenced by my personal experience with religion and it expresses my views. I consider it the main piece of my exhibition because it was the first piece I created, after this, I developed further the cultural theme in all of my artworks.

When opening the exhibition, I felt proud, because I realized that it was worth it, all the time I spent in the art class, working on my pieces was not in vain.

Sharing something that is personal to you is very difficult and I was scared at first, but then, when a lot of people approached me and told me that they really liked my exhibition, I felt better. I also really liked answering questions about my artworks, not only during the opening, but during the whole time the exhibition was set up. People asked me lots and lots of questions and each question was a conversation starter that lead to a very interesting discussion.”