Enrichment Programme

THE BSB School strive to promote academic ambition, all-round excellence and international mindedness through our Enrichment Programme: a wide ranging programme of co-curricular activities which go well beyond the academic curriculum

At The British School of Barcelona we believe in a holistic education which ensures that every child has the opportunity to develop academically and beyond. Our vision is that our pupils should become successful lifelong learners, confident individuals and responsible global citizens.

During the school day, students participate in a wide-ranging number of co-curricular activities (Tutorials, Assemblies and School Societies), which stimulate curiosity, independence and personal endeavour, well beyond the academic curriculum.

The three pillars of our Enrichment Programme


Sessions aimed to monitor academic performance and help pupils develop in areas such as critical thinking, expression of opinions, self-confidence, leadership qualities, initiative and public speaking skills.


Assemblies are weekly gatherings of all or part of the british school community for a shared purpose. They act as a medium for dealing with matters of great significance.

School Societies

Weekly co-curricular clubs that take place during the school day to support the development of a range of skills and attributes by focusing on areas such as sport, music, drama, sciences, art, debating and fundraising, among many others.


The combination of all of these, together with other co-curricular activities, such as peripatetic music lessonssports tournamentstalent competitionseducational trips and performances, and fundraising events, contribute to The British School of Barcelona students’ development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of an all-round education, as well as physical well-being, and help maximise their personal and academic potential.

Celebrating Achievement

At The British School of Barcelona we are very proud of our students and we enjoy celebrating their success. All year round we find many opportunities in the school calendar to recognise the students’ accomplishments as well as those of many others who have been able to overcome difficulties to perform better.


Celebration Assemblies
Each term we hold a Celebration Week across the school with show assemblies where parents are invited. At these assemblies, students receive recognition for their achievements and we take the opportunity to celebrate our young leaders, who embody and demonstrate the BSB values. Students are also awarded Celebration Certificates and Work-of-the-Week Certificates on a regular basis.


The House System
Our House system provides students with many opportunities to show their abilities and develop new skills. It also helps us instill and reinforce our key values as a school. By participating, as well as winning, students earn House points, which strengthen the bonds among all the members of the House. At the end of year, the winning House is awarded the House Trophy.

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