NEXT Magazine

NEXT Magazine, a Student-Initiated CAS Project

Greetings to everyone who is reading this magazine and thank you for making the effort to buy it.

My name is Vicente Durá, commonly known as Vicens within my social circles and I am the senior editor of this Magazine which is a CAS Project I decided to create.

The whole idea for this came around in a very clichéd manner: while watching Riverdale, a very mainstream teenager TV series. In the series there is a group of teenagers who enjoy creating articles and selecting news to put on their school newspaper. I was intrigued by the effect it would have if we implemented a school magazine again in the BSB, and the first time in Nexus. So that is what I did. My main aim for this project is to create an awareness within the school community on various topics. This can be done in many ways, such as by creating articles about non-popularised topics in the media or by recording the important events in the school.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for me and many of the contributors because we have gotten the chance to mimic the stages of production of a real magazine. In the future, I would like to study either Fashion Communication and Public Relations or Fashion Photography. Therefore, in either way this experience has been beneficial because I have gained more professionalism within the editorial area. We live in a world where magazines are not profitable anymore due to the emerging video recording businesses like YouTube. I, myself, am dyslexic and I find it utterly difficult to process the simple task of reading (I got a D on my IGCSE English Language despite trying very hard).

But the point of sharing this with you is that: even though I find it hard, I still love magazines and I have a huge collection of old ones at home. This year, the sixth formers have had the wonderful opportunity to experience the new building and in my opinion; Nexus studying experience is quite different to the regular secondary learning. Here we get to explore many different things apart from our subjects and it is a new brilliant environment I am truly fortunate to be part of.

Overall, I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me during this experience: it is teachers like Ms Kovac, Ms Kelly and Mr Lawson as well as Ms Andreu from communications and all students supporters who have taken the risk with me to provide you with this magazine. Also, I wanted to thank Julia Xia for her incredible job designing the poster for the front cover: “MM” stands for millennium as this is our current era in Roman numerals. In addition, there are 4 planet Earths: the upper earth representing the globalisation whilst the lower 3 represent innovation, fashion and art which are the three main topics the magazine is based on.

Now, what I will have to ask of all of you is to fasten your seat belts and get ready to be exposed to some new topics.

Vicente Durá, Editor (Year 12, academic year 2018-2019)
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BSB Nexus - CAS Project - NEXT Magazine 2019 - issue 2
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BSB Nexus - CAS Project - NEXT Magazine 2018 - issue 1
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