Why Choose a British School

The British School of Barcelona is one of the best international schools in Spain. We follow a highly professional education system which successfully prepares students for life beyond school

Many families are first attracted to our school because an education in English can represent a passport to top international universities and enhanced career prospects. This is undoubtedly true as all children, irrespective of their national origin, become fluent English speakers. However, deciding on a british school like The British School of Barcelona is a lot more than a simple linguistic choice: it means going into a highly professional education system based on the praiseworthy aspiration that every child should achieve all-round excellence, both inside and outside the classroom.

The quality of teaching and learning is at the heart of what The British School of Barcelona do. This means making it possible for all children to realise their potential, including those with special needs as well as exceptionally able students who must be stretched and challenged. Our teacher training and continuous professional development ensures the highest teaching standards and the best outcomes.

In addition to the academic curriculum, the Enrichment Programme of The British School includes a variety of sporting, adventurous, creative and musical activities held within the school day, which contribute to the personal development of all students.

Having tracking systems and public examinations means that we can benchmark our performance against other schools in the United Kingdom. Every three years we are inspected as a British School Overseas, whether by Cambridge Education or SIS (School Inspection Service)

In short, our international school in Barcelona offers an all-round education, internationally British education which successfully prepares pupils for life beyond school.