Global Be Well Day

Global Be Well Day (GBWD)

On 27th September 2019 we celebrated our first Global Be Well Day, a groundbreaking initiative promoted by Cognita worldwide to raise awareness about the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing.

The whole community of The British School of Barcelona (students, families and teachers), along with more than 75 schools in the education group around the world, dedicated a whole school day focused solely on our collective commitment on mental health and wellbeing as a global family, and the positive effects these have on the student’s personal and academic development.

Throughout the day, a range of indoor and outdoor activities focused on the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing took place: beach walks at dawn, yoga, Tai Chi and meditation workshops, talks about emotional intelligence, body image, philosophy, communication and mindfulness, as well as sport activities, healthy breakfasts and snacks, with over 175 BSB families participating.

This has now become an annual event to connect our global community by celebrating wellbeing across schools. The next GBWD will take place on 25th September 2020.

Watch our GBWD video