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Castelldefels – Autumn Term – Week 3

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Date Event Time Location
Mon 25.09.17 Registration for After-School Activities Closes

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Tue 26.09.17 Presentation of Music Certificates

We have sent parents of awarded young musicians an invitation to attend

3.45pm BSB Theatre
Date Event Time Location
Tue 26.09.17 European Day of Languages
Y4 Parent Information Meeting 4.30pm Y4 Classroom
Wed 27.09.17 Y5 Parent Information Meeting 4.30pm Y5 Classroom
Thu 28.09.17 National Poetry Day

A celebration day packed with activities to enjoy, discover and share poetry! This year the theme for National Poetry Day 2017 is Freedom.

All day Primary Classrooms
Y6 Parent Information Meeting 4.30pm Y6 Classroom
Fri 29.09.17 Y5 Slam Final Poetry 9.30am EY Dining Hall

Primary Societies start this week:

  • UKS2: Every Monday
  • LKS2: Every Tuesday
  • KS1: Every Thursday
Date Event Time Location
Mon 25.09.17 KS5 Spanish Access Meeting 5.15pm BSB Theatre
Tue 26.09.17 Y12-13 London School of Economics University Visit 2.50pm BSB Theatre
Wed 27.09.17 Y11 Biology Trip
Thu 28.09.17 KS3 Welcome Induction Meeting in the Year Ahead
For all Y7 parents plus Y8 & Y9 new arrivals only
4.30pm BSB Theatre
KS4 Welcome Induction Meeting in the Year Ahead
For all Y10 parents plus Y11 new arrivals only
5.30pm BSB Theatre
KS5 Welcome Induction Meeting in the Year Ahead
For all Y12 parents plus Y13 new arrivals only
6.30pm BSB Theatre

General Reminders

  • Instrument Lessons – If your child has signed up for peripatetic instrument lessons (Years 3-13) during school time, they will have received their first lesson by the end of next week. For any inquiries, please contact Mr Hebden (Director of Learning Arts) at
  • New SMS System – We are now entering the final trial stage to get this communication tool up and running. For notification of absences and delays only. Make sure we have your most updated mobile number. In order to do so, log in onto your Parents Portal account and check the My Details section. If you need to make any changes, please fill in the form.
  • Helmets ON! For safety, please make sure that all children riding bikes or scooters to and from school wear their helmet on!
    > Check the NEW HEALTH & SAFETY section below regularly for important reminders regarding our students’ well-being.
  • New Downloads on Portal – Year 10 parents: the International Award presentation is now available. See Portal section below
  • Plastic Bottle Top collection – We will be running a final plastic bottle top collection in school until the end of this month. As of October 2017 if you wish to contribute to this cause, please check AMIS website to find out the nearest collection venues. Last day to bring your bottle tops to school: Friday, 29th September. Thank you all for collaborating!

     And in 2 Weeks… Save these Dates!  

  • Monday, 2nd October – Year 12-13 Prize Giving Ceremony – Let’s celebrate our children’s accomplishments last year. A Can’t-Miss session!
  • Year 1-6 Open Classrooms – We welcome parents to join their children in class to take part in the first part of the morning session. Come and experience a learning challenge alongside your child. There will be a weekly opportunity between now and the end of November, so feel free to attend sessions that suit you (see Calendar of events on Portal). It will be great for you to see your child actively learning!
  • Wednesday, 4th October – Headteacher’s Welcome Meeting for All Parents. Choose the time that suits you best: 4.30pm or Simultaneous translation will be available.

  • Allergies – Please remember that at BSB have a nut policy as we have pupils with severe allergies. Since our aim is to reduce the presence of nuts in school, may we ask all parents to not allow nuts or products containing nuts (including sesame snacks) in any form into school bags, lunches or snacks. Thank you for your support.
  • Glass Containers – Please remember that no student children should bring in any food or drink in glass containers.
  • Safe Parking – For the safety of both children and adults, make sure you do not park on the zebra crossings in Ginesta street. This reduces visibility for car drivers and makes crossing extremely dangerous especially at the end of after-school activities when it gets dark.
  • Safe Riding Helmets ON! – If your child rides a bike or scooter to and from school, please ensure that s/he acts responsibly (especially on busy main roads), wears a helmet for safety reasons and is visible to other road users.

New this week!

  • Year 10 International Award Presentation September 2017

Other documents ready to download:

  • School Calendar of Events – 2017-2018 Autumn Term
  • After- School Activities Booklet – 2017-2018 Autumn Term
  • School Menus – September 2017
  • Parents Portal User’s Guide
  • BSB App User’s Guide
  • New Arrivals Meetings Presentations September 2017
  • School Uniform Guidelines 2017-2018
  • Secondary Booklist 2017-2018
  • BSB Early Years & Primary Staff List 2017-2018

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Latest BSB News

All Year 10 Students to Enjoy The International Award

The International Award (or The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award) is here to stay! With 10-years of history, a team of 16 devoted staff and more than 250 students trained by now, the BSB is taking The Award to the extra mile this year.