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Castelldefels – Autumn Term – Week 6

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All School Photos

These are the annual school photos of individual students and classes, which you will have an option to purchase if you wish. Please make sure your child looks at their best this day as these are good memories which last a lifetime

 All dayBSB
Mon23.10.17Y3-6 Bromley High School Jazz, Orchestra & Choir Visit3pmBSB Theatre
Tue24.10.17Y1-2 Open Classroom
and Y3 Orange Open Classroom
8.45-9.10amY1-2 Classrooms
and Y3 Orange Classroom

Halloween-Themed Day

Staff and children will not be dressed up during the day, but they will be taking part in some Halloween themed curricular activities to learn more about this seasonal event. Children will of course be able to attend the Halloween Disco wearing their costumes after school

All day Early Years & Primary

Y3-4 Open Classroom

(Note that Y3 Orange is on Tuesday)

8.45-9.10amY3-4 Classrooms

Y3 BSB InterHouse Competition

Meet at the gate in Passeig Pitort (top of the poli, next to the GranVia Mar Sports Club carpark entrance)

From 3.15pm 

Reception Parent-Teacher Meetings

The online bookings are open since Monday, 16th October

Please book your meetings through the Parents’ Portal

2-6pmEarly Years Centre

Halloween Discos

Organised by Y11 students. We have sent you an email with more details. Please bring the ticket (€3) on the day. Children to wear their costume

EY & KS1: 4.30-5.30pmKS2: 6-7.15pmBSB Gym

Y6 Open Classroom

(Note that there is no Y5 Open Classroom since they are on a trip this day)

8.45-9.10amY5-6 Classrooms
Y5 Visit to Garden Centre GavàAll dayGavà

Nursery Parent-Teacher Meetings

The online bookings are open since Monday, 16th October

Please book your meetings through the Parents’ Portal

2-6pmEarly Years Centre

Parents Workshop: “Handwriting”

Workshop aimed at parents with children from Nursery to Year 6.

More information and registrations here

4.30pmBSB Castelldefels
Fri27.10.17Celebration Day: Harvest FestivalAll dayBSB

Open Classrooms: Please note that for safeguarding reasons, no videos or photos to be taken inside the classrooms or in the outside areas.

Mon23.10.17Y12 US Universities Entrance – SAT exams Information Meeting5.15pmBSB Library
Tue24.10.17Y13 Geography TripAll daySitges

Y11 Parent-Teacher Meetings

Click here to book your meetings


Secondary Non-Uniform Day

€1 for charity to tutors in advance

All day Secondary

Y7-8-9-10 Interims

Check Parents’ Portal

By the end of school day

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We have arranged with the school uniform provider to visit the school personally once a month as from November, with an aim to:

  • Help parents make orders with sizes from the stock we hold
  • Deal personally with any concerns regarding previous purchases/orders
  • Deliver stock to parents if they request a school delivery

Autumn Term dates in Castelldefels campus:

  • Wednesday, 8th November, 8.30-10am
  • Wednesday, 13th December, 8.30-10am

The calendar for the Spring Term will be published on the next term’s School Calendar



We are pleased to announce that Beginners Adult Language Lessons in both Spanish and English are now available at BSB Castelldefels.

They are a real success at BSB Sitges, so we would also like parents in Castelldefels to have the opportunity to improve their language skills and meet other parents in a learning environment.


  • Mondays: English Beginner, 9.05-9.50am (45-minute lessons)
  • Wednesdays: Spanish Beginner, 9.05-9.50am (45-minute lessons)
  • Places available per language group: 14*
  • Price: 10€ per lesson


Lessons will start on Monday, 6th November (English) and on Wednesday, 8th November (Spanish)

Sign up now for a half term (until Christmas) at the school Reception.

The fee will be billed in your school invoice coinciding with the termly billing of after-school activities.

Please note that a minimum of 6 adult students is required for the activity to go ahead

General Reminders

  • Year 3 Parents: 
    On Monday, 23rd, there will be no PE lessons. Children need to come to school in full uniform as it is the school photos. However, we will catch up this lesson on Wednesday as it is the InterHouse competition.
    The rest of the week children need to wear PE kit on their usual swimming day (Tuesday: Y3 Mint / Wednesday: Y3 Orange and Sky Blue).
    Y3 Mint class also need to wear their PE kit on Wednesday as it is our InterHouse competition.
  • Year 4 Parents:
    As the Year 4 InterHouse competition was cancelled on Wednesday, 18th October, due to the rain, they will have their dodgeball tournament on 8th November. Parents will be invited from 3.15pm.
  • Help Us to Improve and Parents’ Support – Remember that you can send us your questions or suggestions through our website at any time.
    Remember that you can also send a direct email to the Headteacher, the Head of EY & Primary, the Head of Secondary & Pre-U, the Heads of Key Stage or your child’s tutor.
    For non-teaching-related queries (menus, uniform, transport, customer service…), you can contact Mr Rognoni, Head of Commerce and Community.
  • New Downloads on Portal – Y7-8-9 Interims. See Portal section below.

     And in 2 Weeks… Save these Dates!  

  • Half Term (30th October – 3rd November) – The school is closed and there are no lessons
  • Allergies – Please remember that at BSB have a nut policy as we have pupils with severe allergies. Since our aim is to reduce the presence of nuts in school, may we ask all parents to not allow nuts or products containing nuts (including sesame snacks) in any form into school bags, lunches or snacks. Thank you for your support.
  • Glass Containers – Please remember that no student children should bring in any food or drink in glass containers.
  • Safe Parking – For the safety of both children and adults, make sure you do not park on the zebra crossings in Ginesta street. This reduces visibility for car drivers and makes crossing extremely dangerous especially at the end of after-school activities when it gets dark.
  • Safe Riding – Helmets ON! – If your child rides a bike or scooter to and from school, please ensure that s/he acts responsibly (especially on busy main roads), wears a helmet for safety reasons and is visible to other road users.

New this week!

  • Y7-8-9 Interims

Other documents also available:

  • School Calendar of Events – 2017-2018 Autumn Term
  • Parents Portal User’s Guide
  • BSB App User’s Guide
  • School Uniform Guidelines 2017-2018
  • School Menus – October 2017 (including Meriendas)
  • All the Information Meetings Presentations taking place in September 2017 (remember that you will only be able to see those relevant to your child’s Year Group)
  • Headteacher’s Welcome Meeting – October 2017
  • Year 6 Information Meeting about Trip to UK – October 2017

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