Global Be Well Day

Global Be Well Day is a whole school community event which focuses solely on wellbeing to support our groupwide focus on the spiritual, physical and mental aspects of the wellbeing of children and adults.

On Global Be Well Day, BSB and every Cognita school around the world collapse the curriculum for the entire day with activities and events involving the entire school community of students, staff and parents.

27th September 2019

Guinness World Record

Last year our Guinness World Record on first-ever Global Be Well Day was a huge achievement of the whole BSB community joining together for a common goal and a milestone in the history of BSB and Cognita to raise the profile of our collective commitment on mental health and wellbeing as a global family. Watch video.

25th September 2020

Be Well Charter

Emotional wellbeing and mental health is at the heart of the culture and ethos of BSB and Cognita and indeed the Covid-19 pandemic has only intensified this position. For this reason, we feel that this year our GBWD celebration will require a more introspective approach and as such we have designed projects for students to explore their feelings in this day and age.

In response to feedback from Cognita schools around the world, we are maintaining the 5 key themes that were used in 2019, but this year we will reinforce the contributors to physical and mental health outlined in our Be Well Charter – Sleep, Diet, Exercise and Connecting, Doing and Giving. Watch video.

The Cognita Active World Challenge

Connect and Be Active!

Launching on GBWD 2020, the Cognita Active World Challenge (CAWC) is a global activity to help our school communities around the world be active and connect. Starting on the 25th September, BSB students, parents and staff have 4 weeks to travel as many kilometres as possible.

Being Active supports all six of the key contributors to wellbeing, but especially being active and connecting!

At BSB our aim is to travel 11,000 kilometres to connect with Colegio Manquecura in Chile

Watch the video to see how you can help us. 

CAWC – Challenge Achieved

We did it!!! Current totals have been around 16,000 km mark. Awesome!

Thank you to everyone from the BSB Community for all your dedication and time spent putting in those runs, bike rides, swims and long walks.

Our Cognita Active World Challenge has been an exciting activity to keep us all physically and mentally healthy! 

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