Work Placement Programme

Created for Pre-University students, our Work Placement Programme is an opportunity to gain invaluable insight and hands-on experience into the World of Work

Our Work Placement Programme is an opportunity for pupils in Key Stage 5 to carry out real tasks on employers’ premises and experience as closely as possible the hours, working conditions and disciplines they would encounter as employees.

Students are being offered the opportunity to experience the World of Work, not vocational work experience. It also gives them the chance to investigate a career which may involve a high level of responsibility and even reveal a particular career direction.

Aims and objectives

  • Motivate students towards a particular career
  • Widen experience of the World of Work
  • Allow students to identify the skills required in a particular job
  • Allow students to identify and develop their employability skills
  • Teach students about the opportunities and realities of working life
  • Allow students to apply the social skills taught at school
  • Allow students to gain a better understanding of business, industry or commerce

The Work Experience Award Scheme

The aim of the Work Experience Award Scheme is to promote greater recognition of excellence for students undertaking placements, and to provide a “kite-mark” for quality in regard to processes followed by the school.