Summer School Castelldefels

Enjoy learning this summer! Practice your English or Spanish, have fun and make new friends at our Summer School. It is going to be an exciting summer!

BSB Castelldefels Summer School

The BSB Castelldefels Summer School runs for four weeks, from the end of June to the end of July.

The BSB Castelldefels Summer School has been designed for children from 3 to 15 years to enjoy their summer holidays and improve their English or Spanish at the same time. All the activities will be led by native English and Spanish teachers from our school.

All programmes are open to BSB students and pupils from other schools.

We offer four different programmes depending on the child’s age:

  • Summer Play Programme, from 3 to 5 years
  • Summer Activity Programme, from 6 to 13 years
  • Summer English Language Programme, from 12 to 15 years
  • Summer Spanish Language Programme, from 12 to 15 years  NEW


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This programme is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 to learn English and/or Spanish in a fun way.

It is a fun programme for children to work in an international atmosphere and experience lots of great activities which will keep them amused while learning during the hot summer days.

All of our teachers are mixture of native English and Spanish speakers and the monitors are often senior BSB students with a variety of International backgrounds.

It is great for our BSB children to continue to listen and work in English during the long summer break and also to mix with children form the local area, to meet and make new friends. As part of the daily schedule, they will learn lots of new songs and vocabulary through drama and role playing. They will also participate in a varied and structured physical activity programme, ranging from parachute games, yoga, dance, football, kick-rounders and racket games.

Every day they will enjoy water activities and once a week they will go to the swimming pool at the Granvia Mar Sports Club.

Each day the children will follow a routine which will help reinforce English commands and phrases. Health and Safety are our main concerns and again the children will learn basic hygiene and classroom rules through repetition and singing.

At the end of the Summer School, all the students will perform in a little show to demonstrate parents some of the work they have been doing.

This programme is aimed at children aged 6 to 13 to learn English and/or Spanish in an enjoyable atmosphere, where fun and communication is placed as high as performance and development.

The aim of the Summer Activity Programme is to encourage children to continue improving their language through a variety of activities in a more relaxed and informal way.

Children will participate in a varied programme of activities led by our skilled teachers and monitors in English and Spanish (as required), in four specific areas:

  • Physical Activities

Students will enjoy a daily swimming session in the Granvia Mar Sports Club.
They will also practise other sports, such as paddle tennis, rounders, cricket, parachute games, handball, table tennis, football and basketball.

Students will also enjoy a trip to the Olympic Canal every Wednesday, where they will be learning canoeing and rowing, paddle surf and have fun in the Water Activity Park at the canal.

  • Problem Solving Activities

Students will also be involved in more specific activities focusing on areas such as Science and Maths and how these areas can be developed and used in fun and more exciting ways!

  • Creative Activities

Being creative is what children do best and in this activity area children will be encouraged to perform! This includes opportunities to develop singing, playing, musical instruments, acting, dancing, cooking and baking. 

  • Communication Activities

This activity brings together elements of research journalism to put together a small magazine sharing the highlights of the week!


At the end of the Summer Activity Programme week, all the students will have the opportunity to perform in a little show demonstrating to parents some of the aspects they have developed and progressed in during the week!


These four-week programmes are aimed at children aged 12 to 15 to experience the English or Spanish language. Students can choose their preferred language, English or Spanish.

The programmes are led by a team of linguists with International Teaching Experience in Spanish and English who have created successful programmes in business language, conversational language as both in first language and second languages.

The aim of our Summer English/Spanish Language Programmes is to offer a ‘bespoke’ learning programmes so that every student can improve their knowledge of English or Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere. By using GCSE frameworks and Exam preparation techniques, students can concentrate on grammar in contexts, so their use of language is further developed. Oral and written skills are developed by involving students in many practical situations where thy are encouraged to respond individually using appropriate communicative strategies in a variety of social situations.

The programmes are organised as a four-week courses and will culminate in assessment through different means such as: speaking, listening, reading, and writing GCSE orientated exams.

All students take an entrance written exam to assess their language skills so that they can then work at their level and their needs.


The more practical sessions will consist of aspects and activities such as:

  • Warm-up
    Brain gym, word association games, copying numbers and sequences.
  • Debates
    Preparing For or Against an argument.
  • Being a Film Critic
    Watching part of a film and then discuss a suggested ending or do different activities related to the film.
  • Drama-Role plays
    Performing a short drama or role-playing in front of an audience.
  • Board games and Quizzes
    Creating their own board games, quizzes, word association games or categories using their knowledge of English/Spanish.
  • Presentations
    Each student has to choose a theme or topic and then prepares a 3 minute presentation for the group.
  • Creative Writing linked to Music appreciation
    The students listen to a piece of music or a particular song and then write a description of what the music has inspired them.
  • Speaking Cards:
    Creating scenes, e.g If you could go on a dream holiday, where would you choose to go and explain why.
    More simple cards, e.g. Write down 10 things that are white and what their function is.
    Discussions related to topics covered in textbook, e.g Teenagers in Spain
  • Listening skills
    Watching a video clip and then complete some listening exercises about the content.
  • Poetry
    Discussing some poems and then producing their own.
  • Joke wall
    Riddle presentations and tongue twisters.
  • Cookery
    Discussing recipes, then cooking simple dishes, like pizzas or banoffee pie.

All students will develop a portfolio of their Summer Language experience which will serve as a development and further learning tool in the future. 

So wherever they go in the future, the BSB Summer English/Spanish Language Programmes will continue to help!


2017 BSB Castelldefels Summer School Leaflet

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