BSB Parents

Building Strong Relationships

At The British School of Barcelona we strongly believe that the relationship between school and home is critical to building a successful partnership. We have several tools in place to communicate with parents regularly by mail or through digital platforms in addition to personal appointments and open events.

We welcome families into school for the many community events we organise and to attend workshops and talks all year-round. We also invite them to join the different school groups or committees to take an active role in the implementation of the programmes we launch for the benefit of their children or to help organise events.

Through our school social media channels, we endeavour to make the most of every opportunity to celebrate your child’s achievements on their educational journey.

Home-School Communication

Regular communication

  • Weekly Bulletin: Your primary source for information every Friday in your Inbox. It includes and up-to-date information on school activities, events, operational issues and more.
  • Parents’ Newsletters: Half-termly newsletters from the Principal and school Headteachers
  • Termly Newsletters: Thematic newsletters to keep parents regularly informed of the school services, wellbeing activities and our digital strategy
  • School Reports: Academic Reports and Assessments are sent regularly via email
  • Teachers: Ability for two-way communication with your child’s teachers and tutor (see contact emails)


Cognita Connect

Our secure app and web-based parent portal. It provides parents with 24-hour access to personalised news and information in relation to their child(ren)’s school life and activities via their mobile, tablet or desktop device. Learn how to get access


Digital Platforms

  • Tapestry: The digital journal for Early Years parents to keep up with their learning experiences in the classroom
  • Seesaw: The Primary student-driven digital portfolio that allows parents to see their child’s work and celebrate progress.


Open School

Schedule a personal appointment with your child’s class teacher or tutor, attend the Parents-Teacher Meetings, enjoy the weekly Open Classrooms and Celebration Assemblies, and make sure you don’t miss any of our Community events. They are all announced through our Cognita Connect parents portal.


Basic School Services

For information related to daily school services, such as termly calendar, uniform, transport, menus, after-school activities, and more, please visit our School Life menu.


Parent Workshops & Talks

During the school year, The British School of Barcelona runs workshops and talks for parents, which aim to explore and share ideas about educating children.

These thoughtfully-designed workshops and talks are practical and informative sessions in which guest keynote speakers or our specialist teachers offer advice as to how best to support children at home, in different ways. They are also an opportunity for parents to share experiences, thereby giving support to each other.

They are all announced through our Cognita Connect parents portal with a built-in sign-up system.


Community Events

We love welcoming families into school and we take every opportunity to invite parents to the many BSB Community events we celebrate all year-round. Starting in September with our Global Be Well Day, parents are welcome to participate in the festive celebrations at Christmas, in the Carnival events, the Sponsored Walk or the International Summer Fair, to name but a few.

All these events are announced through our Cognita Connect parents portal.

Parents can also take an active role in the implementation of the programmes we launch in school or in the organisation of the community events, by simply joining the different school groups or committees set up for each purpose.

Cognita Connect

Our app and web-based parent portal

Digital Strategy

Parents resources about digital learning

School Life

Calendar, uniform, transport, menus...

BSB Wellbeing

Resources from experts for students & families