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Welcome to the BSB Alumni Network!

We truly believe that your school days were some of the best days of your life and we are keen to hear about where you are now and what you have been doing in the last fifty, twenty, or just two years!

Through BSB Alumni, we seek to keep in touch with graduated students by promoting interaction and support once your school days are over. BSB Alumni offers the possibility to remain part of the school community, through activities that will benefit our graduates’ continuous development as highly qualified professionals.

What Is BSB Alumni for?

BSB Alumni is the meeting point for students with a common past to share memories and achievements, make social & professional contacts, and discover work and learning opportunities.

How many BSB alumni study in your current University? And how many of them work in the same industry as yours? BSB Alumni is an excellent way of getting in touch with other professionals who really know and appreciate the added value our students can offer.

Programme of Activities – Join us!

BSB Alumni are an integral part of the life at BSB throughout the year. No matter how far they are studying or working, our careers guidance programme offers a wealth of opportunities for former BSB students to keep in touch and catch up.

  • Visiting Speakers: Share your experience as a university student or as a professional

  • Mentors: Help a student by answering their questions about your experience at a university they are applying to / offer support as they start in your university

  • BSB University Fair: Be an ambassador for your university

  • BSB Alumni Annual Reunions: Add these dates to your diary; the week before Christmas and the first week of June. You can’t miss them!

BSB Alumni Annual Reunion

Since the BSB Alumni launch in June 2018, our Summer Reunion has become a highlight of our annual agenda. It is simply great to meet you for a casual afternoon of fun, food and fellowship.

In 2023 we introduced the Christmas Reunion as an opportunity to celebrate the magic of the season with your former classmates and teachers. This will definitely transport you back to the days when you were in school.

Invitations are sent to your personal email, so please make sure your sign up through the form below so you don’t miss the next one. We would love to see as many of you as possible.

Not Subscribed Yet?

As a BSB graduate, you already form part of this network! However, so that we can keep in contact and target our activities better, we would just like you to fill in the following form with some personal details which will support our planning of the annual Programme.

Also, if you have a LinkedIn profile, do get in contact with teachers and students in the BSB Alumni LinkedIn Group!

Your participation is important to the success of our BSB Alumni Network. We look forward to hearing from you!

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