International Recognition

BSB, one of the best British schools in the world

Our latest inspection as a British School Overseas (BSO) rated The British School of Barcelona as Outstanding in every category. This is the highest recognition that an international educational centre can receive and grades BSB as one of the best British schools in the world.

This places BSB as one of the only five schools in Spain that are currently recognised as outstanding by the English Department for Education (DfE), and the only school in Catalunya to have gained this prestigious accreditation from the British Government.

The inspection, run by Penta International, highlights the quality of education, the strong sense of community among staff, students and families, and the global educational standards of our school.

The British School of Barcelona (BSB) offers a top-quality British education that meets the needs of its students, engages them in their learning and provides a real sense of school community.

– The British School of Barcelona, BSO Report 2021

An internationally recognised school

We hold numerous major accreditations from leading international bodies in recognition of global quality, innovation and excellence in education.

Our membership with world-renowned organisations is a kitemark of good governance, which reflect the high standards and ethos expected of a first-class British international education.

In January 2022, we achieved the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS), which formally recognises our effective approach to emotional wellbeing and mental health within our school community.

“Students throughout the school are highly motivated learners and display high levels of English.”

– The British School of Barcelona, BSO Report 2021

British School Overseas (BSO)
Highlights 2021

The curriculum at BSB is excellent:

The quality of teaching and assessment is outstanding at BSB:

Standards achieved across the school are excellent:

The Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is a significant strength:

The welfare, health and safety of the students is excellent:

A strong positive sense of school community and parental engagement:

The quality of leadership and management at BSB is excellent:

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