World Ready

We equip our students with the skills needed to thrive

At BSB we have a fantastic Futures Team offering first class support and guidance.

We ensure all our students are made aware of the exciting future opportunities which await them and that they are given all the help they need to secure those futures in a rapidly evolving world.

Ready to shape the world

The BSB Nexus Experience

Our BSB Nexus offers a genuine Pre-University experience, where students are encouraged to manage their time effectively, take on responsibility and value the wider community, in a caring, supportive environment.

Expectations are high, opportunities are broad, and results are impressive.

Careers & Futures Programme

Careers and Futures guidance is offered at BSB long before students arrive in Nexus but, once here, that programme is broadened and the advice increasingly personalised.

Outside speakers from the world of work, visits from universities from around the world, webinars with admissions teams, feedback from alumni and specialised input in preparation for entrance exams all form part of our excellent offer.

The BSB Futures Festival

A key element of our Futures calendar is the annual BSB Futures Festival. Held in the Spring term and open to all students and parents from Year 10 upwards, the Festival brings together experts from universities around the world alongside specialists from the world of work, BSB Alumni and our own teaching staff to provide a really dynamic insight into the amazing possible future directions our students have access to.

Ready to challenge the world

The BSB Nexus Student Leadership Programme is also a key element of our wider Nexus provision and is central to our commitment to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world.

Every year, students are able to apply for a place on the course, which is run by an inspirational external provider.

The course focuses on giving students the confidence to lead, manage and communicate the success of their own individual projects, all of which are designed to benefit the wider community.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

Whether studying for A Levels or the IB Diploma, our students achieve excellent academic results, which are well above national averages.

Additionally, every year we have BSB students who receive certificates of Outstanding Achievement from the exam boards because they have either secured the highest mark for a certain subject across the whole of Spain or, in some cases, the whole of Europe.

By the time students leave school, they have the personal and social skills needed to move successfully to the next stage of their lives.

– The British School of Barcelona, BSO Report 2021

Ready to challenge the world

The world is vast

A BSB education expands students’ horizons and allows them to study, live and work anywhere in the world. Our students achieve places at universities and on courses, where they can truly flourish. From studying Economics at NYU, to medicine at Cambridge or from Fashion in Milan to Management in Rotterdam, the possibilities are hugely exciting.

Our students are ready

We are immensely proud of our BSB Alumni and we take every opportunity to echo their achievements in life, both professional and personal. Our BSB Alumni association continues to grow, with more and more ex-students making contact with each other and attending our annual get together in Castelldefels.

“I enjoyed every single subject I took during Pre-University thanks to the level of the teaching staff and the learning approach of BSB.”

– BSB Alumni Class of 2017, student from Nursery to graduation

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