Summer School & Holiday Camps

Learning whilst having fun in an international environment

Learning at The British School of Barcelona does not stop during the holidays. We open our doors to every child (both BSB and non-BSB students) who wants to further enhance their language skills during the summer or term breaks.

We offer programmes in Spanish and English to suit every child’s interest from 3 to 16 years old.

BSB Summer School

Extending the unique BSB learning experience during the Summer

Join us for a summer like no other at the BSB Summer School! Our programmes offer a blend of fun and learning, carefully crafted to ignite curiosity and foster personal growth in children of all ages.

With our dedicated BSB staff and the stunning environments of Sitges and Castelldefels, each day is filled with excitement and discovery.

Our activities are designed with an underlying learning objective. Team activities, field trips, and interaction with other children and adults promote the development of social, emotional, and cognitive skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

From music and drama workshops, to arts & crafts, robotics, multisports and water games, there's something for everyone!


  • Summer Play (3-5 years old): Available at BSB Sitges & BSB Castelldefels
  • Summer Activity (6-12 years old): Available at BSB Sitges & BSB Castelldefels
Prices per week*:
  • Half day (9.00-13.00): €195
  • Full day (9.00-17.00): €300
  • One-off matriculation fee (€40 for non-BSB students)

*Prices for the week from the 25th June to the 28th June (4 days):
  • Half day (9.00-13.00): €156
  • Full day (9.00-17.00): €240
  • One-off matriculation fee (€40 for non-BSB students)

Registrations are now open.


BSB Summer Language School

Making the most of the summer to enhance English and Spanish skills

Embark on a language-learning adventure crafted specifically for teenagers at the BSB Summer Language School!

Whether you opt for the English Summer or the Spanish Summer Programme, prepare to dive deep into the language and culture of your preference. Embrace the art of communication within a global community through lively conversations, interactive language games, and outdoor experiences.

Join us in the afternoon to maximize your experience with an enticing programme of activities awaiting you.


  • BSB Summer Language School English (12-16 years old)
  • BSB Summer Language School Spanish (12-16 years old)
Prices per week*:
  • Half day (9.00-13.00): €220
  • Full day (9.00-17.00): €320

*Prices for the week from the 25th June to the 28th June (4 days):
  • Half day (9.00-13.00): €176
  • Full day (9.00-17.00): €256

Registrations are now open.


Holiday Camps

Our thematic half-term camps take place during the Autumn and Spring half-term breaks and during the Easter holidays.

BSB Virtual Reality Camp

Learning something exciting and new!

The BSB Virtual Reality Camp is organised in partnership with IGNITE Serious Play, an expert company in technological activities.

Each camp focuses on projects that combines groundbreaking disciplines such as 3D Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality, based on the interests of the participants. Students will enjoy the entire learning process, through team collaboration and idea-sharing based on technology, from the initial idea and sketch to the staging of the last day.

Not available for Easter 2024


BSB Football Camp

Passion for football and sports!

A new addition to our Holiday Camps program. The BSB Football Camp is a 5-day holiday camp addressed to children from 6 to 16 years old organised in partnership with Humaes Sports Group®, who are currently managing the BSB Football Teams that compete in federated leagues at BSB Castelldefels.

For players of all levels, the camp will focus technification and physical condition combined with fun games.

Dates: 25th - 28th March


BSB Wevy Sports Camp

Educating through movement!

The BSB WEVY Sports Camp is organised in partnership with WAVE®, a training method for children that develops their physical, intellectual and personal abilities through neuromotor training.

During this camp, based on “Education through Movement”, children learn the basic skills and technique of a variety of sports through recreational games, technification, cooperation and competition, with a special focus on balance, agility or jumping.

Dates: 25th - 28th March


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