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A unique learning experience

From early childhood through to 18 years old, we guide every child along their own, personalised pathway, by combining a strong passion for learning with the spirit of innovative curriculum design. Each student’s journey will instil a love of learning and prepare them well for the challenges of the 21st & 22nd centuries.


With entry points at all of our campuses, whether in Barcelona, Castelldefels or Sitges, your child will enjoy an unforgettable experience at BSB.

  • BSB provides a wonderful start to your child’s formal learning journey.

  • Our youngest learners benefit from opportunities to explore and learn through our Curiosity Approach®, led by a team of passionate, specialised Early Years educators who uphold the values of love, care and respect.

  • We have carefully designed the English National Curriculum to be innovative and creative, ensuring a personalised pathway for every student leading to high academic success and outstanding progress.

  • Our inquiry-based approach to learning enables our students to develop key learning habits during the full course of their education.

  • Our aim is for every student in Secondary to be a happy, confident learner, who has the skills, mindset and determination to succeed and make a positive difference to others.

  • Our Secondary pathway follows the best of the English National Curriculum, whilst giving us the flexibility to allow students to complete the Spanish ESO qualification by the time they come to the end of Year 11.

  • Rates of attainment and progress are above national averages at every stage in Secondary school and GCSE figures are particularly strong.

  • Our Nexus Pre-University is the ideal stage for students to gain the academic qualifications necessary to enter an exciting range of great universities, and the character development skills required to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

  • Students can choose to follow the A Level pathway or the IB Diploma programme. Our Pre-University curriculum also ensures that students can achieve the Spanish Bachillerato qualification, if they complete the relevant requirements.

  • Academic performance in Nexus is excellent, with results significantly above national averages.

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