International Students

Experience an outstanding education in a truly international environment

We are a truly international school welcoming students of 74 different nationalities.

We fully understand that moving to a different country and changing to a new school or starting your child’s schooling in Early Years is a significant decision for a family and we have procedures in place to make this transition process as smooth as possible, help you settle in and make you feel part of our amazing BSB community.

The British School of Barcelona

World-renowned international qualifications

As an international British school, we offer a genuine choice of curriculum pathways which are recognised worldwide: the British curriculum (A Levels) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP)*. Thanks to our experience of over 65 years with international students, we can guarantee the rapid adaptation of new students at any educational stage.

Our study plan also follows the requirements of the Spanish national curriculum so our students can validate the Spanish qualifications of ESO and Bachillerato and have access to the best international universities both in Spain and the UK, or anywhere around the world.

*At the BSB City campus our provision focuses on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP).

Relocating to Barcelona

Barcelona, a rich experiential classroom

Barcelona is one of the most dynamic, innovative and cosmopolitan capitals of Europe. Epicentre of major artistic, cultural and social events. Facing the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by the Collserola mountain range. A city that welcomes visitors from all over the world and attracts expats from 176 different countries by its cutting-edge and experimental character and lifestyle.

It attracts international talent and is a technology start-up league player. It is Spain’s first Smart City and the fourth in Europe. Currently, 22% of Barcelona's residents are foreigners who have chosen Barcelona as a destination to pursue their educational or professional aspirations.

Over the last three decades Barcelona has positioned as the third preferred city in the world for international students.

With campuses situated in the heart of Barcelona (BSB City) and in the convivial surrounding towns of Castelldefels and Sitges, we are perfectly placed to make the most of the city and we view surrounding area as a rich, experiential classroom that supports our dynamic and outward-looking curriculum.

The experiences presented to us by living and working in a global environment like Barcelona, Castelldefels and Sitges, permeate every activity at our school.

We make you feel at home

We support you and your child on arrival through a variety of activities, which vary depending on your child’s age. From home visits, play dates and orientation days for children before the school starts to welcome meetings and coffee mornings with parents with key information about the school, everything is planned to make you feel at ease from day one.

Our Wellbeing Team also monitor the progress of your child during the first weeks in school and a class buddy will be assigned to them if entering primary or secondary.

British School of Barcelona

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