Secondary & Pre-University Staff

Secondary & Pre-University Leadership Team

Mr James PetrieHeadteacher, Secondary and Pre-University
Mr Jake RichardsonDirector of Pre-University, Head of Psychology and Psychology teacher
Mr Mark WoodwardAcademic Deputy Head of Secondary
Ms Kate KellyAssistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning and English Teacher
Mrs Maria KovakIB and CAS Co-ordinator, TOK teacher

Directors of Learning

Mr Jonathan Cross DoL Sport and Physical Education, and PE teacher
Ms Lucy Kent DoL Maths and Maths teacher
Ms Marie Mulhall DoL Science, Head of Biology and Science teacher
Mr Richard Strafford DoL IT and Teacher of IT

Heads of Subject

Mrs Nicola Ball Head of MFL and French teacher
Mr Robert Bell Head of Physics and Physics teacher
Mr Craig Boyle Head of KS3 Science and Chemistry teacher
Ms Amy Wells Head of KS4 Science and Science teacher
Mr Ben Whellams Head of KS5 Science and Chemistry teacher
Ms Eloise Duarte Head of English and English teacher
Mrs Carol Petrie Head of KS3 English and English teacher
Mr Roderick Kenny Head of History, History and Politics teacher
Ms Lucy Kent Head of Maths and Maths teacher
Mr Steve Perrin Head of Art and Art teacher
Ms Caroline Leahy Head of Drama, and Drama and English teacher
Ms Jenny Roberts Head of Geography and Geography teacher
Ms Raquel Trillo Head of Spanish and Catalan, and Spanish teacher
Ms Hannah Maloney Head of Business, and Business Studies teacher
Mr Jake Richardson Head of Psychology, Director of Pre-University and Psychology teacher
Ms Julie Sheehy Head of Music teacher and Maths and Music teacher

Heads of Year

Ms Sam DakinPastoral Head of Year 7, and History teacher
Ms Suzie EwbankPastoral Head of Year 8, and Drama and English teacher
Ms Nicola OutramPastoral Head of Year 9 and Maths teacher
Mr Ciaran McdonaghPastoral Head of Year 10, and Maths, Science and Geography teacher
Ms Ismini PapastylianouPastoral Head of Year 11 and Maths teacher
Ms Sarah BainesPastoral Head of Year 12 and Science teacher
Mr Rod MussonPastoral Head of Year 13 and English teacher


University Guidance and Student Mentoring

Mrs Catherine Burns University and Careers Counselor
Ms Consol Fernández Directora Técnica, Spanish Access, and Spanish and Sociales teacher

Learning Support

Ms Carol Coleman Director of Student Services and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms Maria Jesús Pérez Head of Learning Support for Secondary and Deputy Safeguarding Lead for Secondary
Ms Nasi BehestianLearning Support Assistant
Ms Nina BiddleLearning Support Assistant
Ms Mª Laura TorreiraLearning Support Assistant
Ms Priscilla SornumLearning Support Assistant

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