Welcome to BSB

May we wish you all a very warm welcome to our british school for what we hope will be a happy and successful partnership with The British School of Barcelona.

Welcome to The British School of Barcelona

I would like to welcome you to The British School of Barcelona (BSB) website, which I hope you find both helpful and informative. Whether this is your first experience of BSB, or your first visit, we hope to provide a clear picture of a caring, learning community with high expectations. At the BSB our educational aims are focused on three areas:

  • Academic: We inspire all to be creative, curious thinkers within a culture of support and challenge.
  • Character: We provide individual growth through high expectations; demonstrating commitment, resilience and respect for all.
  • Global: We are global citizens, embracing difference, cared for and caring, and principled in our beliefs.

Founded in 1958, the BSB School has always provided a great independent international education for our students. All are encouraged to become global citizens; self-confident enough to express and discuss their beliefs and opinions, whilst demonstrating a deep understanding and tolerance of different cultures. We follow the English National Curriculum and employ up-to-date, research based pedagogical approaches to ensure our students develop high level learning habits and skills.

We are a truly International school, fully accredited by the British and Spanish Governments, with our students graduating to some of the best International Universities around the World. However, our all-round education goes well beyond examinations; this includes the values which we hold dear and which our pupils demonstrate. We ensure our students leave school with a close group of friends, as well as the ability to make new ones, and that their academic achievements and skills will enable them to succeed at university and beyond, in an increasingly competitive world.

Having the opportunity to serve and work alongside such a dynamic internationally-minded school community, is an enormous privilege for me.  I hope that you will enjoy finding out more about our school’s rich history, current successes and aspirations for the future.

We look forward to sharing our BSB experience with you and your child.

Jon Locke

Jonathan Locke


The British School of Barcelona