BSB past, present, and future came together for an afternoon of memories, laughter, and fellowship during the BSB Alumni annual Summer Reunion, taking place on Monday, 5th June. We were thrilled to welcome students from a variety of years, all the way back to 2011 until present day, and for the first time ever a number of students graduating this year joined us to begin to get the BSB Alumni feel, start networking and build invaluable connections as soon-to-be BSB Alumni themselves.


The annual reunion is a chance to reconnect, relive life at The British School of Barcelona and all the different experiences had here. It’s also an opportunity to share what they have been up to since they left: their first year in university, an exciting gap year, a challenging new position, or a personal milestone. It is also the perfect time to appreciate how far we have got collectively and get reenergised.


The event took place at BSB Nexus, our purpose-built Pre-University campus which opened in 2018, a familiar place for many of the attendees, so they could feel like being home again. The venue was the perfect setting to bring back memories or, conversely, to realise how much has changed from their time at BSB.


A large number of Secondary and Pre-University teachers would not want to miss this occasion to catch up with their former students and find out about their current studies and professional life. From embarking on a fundraising trip, to achieving a new professional certification, participating at an international conference, joining a research group, starting an internship, launching a personal project, publishing a thesis, co-founding a company… it was a pleasure to hear so many stories of academic success and achievement, first time jobs and promotions, inspirational accomplishments, and entrepreneurship.


A highlight of the event was to have Mrs Serra and Mr Bell, now retired, back in school again and share memories of their time with students. Likewise, it was really heart-warming to be able to publicly congratulate one of our oldest BSB Alumni for the birth of his first son and see how our BSB Community is growing.


Mr Richardson, current Director of Pre-University who will become Headteacher of Secondary and Pre-University of BSB City Main Campus from September this year, gave the opening speech and said: ‘the number of people in attendance reflected the strength of the bonds we developed during our time together’.


Ms Baynes, our new Director of Pre-University as from September; Mr Musson, current Head of Year 13, and Mrs Burns, Assistant Head Personal Development and former Careers and Futures Advisor, congratulated them publicly for their amazing achievements and for being inspiring examples of just how far you can go, for anyone who has big dreams for the future.


Lluís Campderrós, 2013 BSB Alumni, encouraged all attendees and most especially current Year 13 students to keep the bond with the school and to make the most of the connections with other BSB Alumni, and be reassured that there’s always people there with the same passions willing to help.


The event concluded with BSB Alumni writing best wishes cards to our future graduates Class of 2023. A lovely way to create this bond.


Thank you to everyone who joined us for this BSB Alumni reunion! We hope to see you at future events!