BSB Castelldefels

A culturally diverse campus for students from 3 to 16

BSB Castelldefels offers purpose-built, modern facilities for students in Early Years, Primary and Secondary.

This optimal setting supports and enhances effective teaching and learning that lead to consistently high standards of achievement.

The BSB Castelldefels is divided into three distinct areas

Each part of the school has its own distinct and age-appropriate learning and play and social spaces.

Early Years:
This includes classrooms with direct access to outside play spaces where the Continuous Provision framework can be further developed.

Learning takes place in well-equipped classrooms and support and specialist rooms. The Primary school also has a well-shaded play area with enhanced playground facilities.

There are faculty areas with dedicated rooms for all subjects, including IT; nine modern science laboratories; a purpose-built art block; a large, purpose-built music department with a main teaching room and five practise rooms, a Learning Resources Centre and a Wellbeing Centre.

There are also some shared facilities across the campus, including:
  • A 376-seat Theatre

  • Purpose-built dining rooms

  • A medical room

  • A study garden

  • Sports areas: an indoor gymnasium, three outdoor multi-sports courts, a multi-game artificial turf pitch and the adjacent state-of-the art 9,000 m rugby and football stadium.

Students also have access to the top-notch BSB STEM Centre next door with cutting-edge Lab technology for real-life Science work.

The Good Schools Guide

We are extremely proud that a reviewer from The Good Schools Guide International visited us and reviewed our school this year. The result? An impartial, straight-talking and thoroughly researched school review for each of our campuses.

'Parents place a huge amount of trust in the school and are aware of the advantages the school offers over the system they went through.'


BSB Castelldefels

Early Years, Primary, Secondary

Carrer Ginesta, 26
08860 Castelldefels
Barcelona, Spain

General Enquiries
(+34) 93 665 15 84

Admissions Enquiries
(+34) 93 707 95 98

Learn more about our enriched curriculum at each educational stage:

Early Years

Our youngest learners benefit from opportunities to explore and learn through our Curiosity Approach®, led by a team of passionate, specialised Early Years educators who uphold the values of love, care and respect.


We have carefully designed the English National Curriculum to be innovative and creative, ensuring a personalised pathway for every student leading to high academic success and outstanding progress.


Our aim is for every student in Secondary to be a happy, confident learner, who has the skills, mindset and determination to succeed and make a positive difference to others.

British School of Barcelona

Enquiries :93 707 95 98