New partnership between BSB and historical Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

We are pleased to announce that The British School of Barcelona has signed a partnership with the historical Real Club de Polo de Barcelona (RCPB) to offer an exclusive programme of attractive activities for members of the Club that will allow them to get to know our international school, vision and values, as well as BSB educational model and our state-of-the-art facilities.

As part of this new agreement, this year BSB will take part in the RCPB Summer Camps and Campuses by delivering an English language learning and leisure programme of 3 hours per week to develop the specific vocabulary of each campus section. All the activities will be taught by our highly qualified teaching staff using English as the language of instruction. This will provide the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the language in a relaxed environment focusing onthe traits of each different sporting discipline offered at the Club (horse riding, hockey, polo, padel, tennis).

The activities will last for an hour and will be scheduled on a rotating basis every two weeks to offer an attractive programme for all participants, which will include crafts, music, theatre, cooking, memory games, multi-skills, among others.

In all the activities we will follow our BSB pedagogical model for Early Years and Primary, based on the “Curiosity Approach”, our educational approach specifically designed to develop children’s imagination and to ignite a passion for discovering the world.

We will enourage the participants’ listening and speaking skills through games and workshops, along with other essential soft skills such as curiosity, creativity, organisation and socialisation, following our focus on the 9 Learning Habits that are core to our educational model at BSB.

In addition, our educational staff will offer some “Expert-Talks” throughout the year for all RCPB members, in which we will discuss relevant and current educational topics of interest to all the Club’s families.

Thanks to this agreement BSB continues to strengthen partnerships with institutions with a unique history such as the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, thus supporting our pledge to share our educational model of academic excellence and student’s personal development, as well as to benefit our respective communities.


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