Pre-Nursery & Early Years

Welcome to Pre-Nursery & Early Years

During their early years at the school, students make consistently good progress and by the end of the primary years, achieve at or above UK national averages

BSO Inspection 2021

We understand that selecting the best Early Years school for your child is incredibly important. Making that choice easy for you motivates everything we do.

Choosing BSB means choosing something beautiful for your loved one: the opportunity to belong to a caring, international community of curious learners.

It means offering them a safe, secure and stimulating environment for these important early steps in their lifelong journey.

And it means giving them access to a place where they can grow as a unique individual and learn actively about the world through playing, exploring, creating and thinking freely in their own way.

From the very first day at BSB, your child will feel at home. We’ve designed and purpose-built our enabling indoor and outdoor spaces to engage the imagination and inspire the delight of discovery.

We know that children learn best when they are happy, comfortable and confident. That’s why we provide total care to ensure they love being here as much as we love having them here — as part of our family. It’s our passion and our pleasure to prepare them for the wonderful years ahead.

Native English-speaking staff

Innovative and creative environments

Reduced class size

Flexible weekly schedule and day offer

Our Early Years education (3-4) takes place at BSB campuses of Castelldefells, Sitges and BSB City (in Barcelona).

Pre-Nursery (2 years) is available at BSB Sitges campus

BSB Sitges

Pre-Nursery (2 years): from September 2022
Early Years (3-4 years)

BSB Castelldefels, BSB City

Early Years (3-4 years)

The Curiosity Approach®

At BSB, we embrace The Curiosity Approach® to early childhood. This pioneering philosophy, created in the UK by award-winning educators, promotes awe and wonder in learning.

By creating a culture of curiosity – led by joyfulness, play and fun – we inspire your child to explore the world in their own way. Igniting a passion for discovery in these early years creates the thinkers and doers of the future, with a lifelong love of learning.

Early Minds


Your child will explore and play in a fully immersive English-language environment


Our international learning community also supports the multilingual development of Spanish and Catalan.

Maths & Literacy

Your child develops key early learning skills in reading, writing and mathematics in a fun, age-appropriate way.

Love for Learning

We get to know every child as an individual and plan learning that truly motivates and inspires them.


Classes from age 2 with specialist teachers open your child’s mind to the wonders of creating and appreciating music.

Early Character


Our school is a multicultural, plural and diverse environment with more than 50 nationalities represented. We encourage children to share their customs and respect those of others.


The BSB Forest School provides a connection with nature through outdoor activities that help develop new skills and abilities.


Your loved one’s emotional wellbeing is always our priority. We encourage empathy and we celebrate the unique achievements of every child.

Early Bodies


Our physical education classes and environment promote expression, happiness and healthy development.


We have our own kitchen that produces delicious, nourishing local food based on organic ingredients.


The stimulating spaces of our schools encourage collective play, games and socialising.

Early Families


You’ll play an active role in your child’s school life and we invite you to come in and see their work once a week in our open classroom session. The BSB family is an extension of your family and our lines of communication are always open.


You can track your child’s progress from anywhere and at any time through our digital journal, which gives you up-to-the minute information, photos and videos, and allows you to add comments.

The 7 Areas of Learning

The statutory EYFS Framework explains how and what children in our early years settings will be learning to support their development. There are seven areas of learning.

At BSB Pre-Nursery and Early Years all prime areas of learning are covered through our Curiosity Approach to early childhood.

Children will learn to work and play in a group, be self-confident, take an interest in things, know what their own needs are and tell the difference between right and wrong.
Children will learn to listen attentively in a range of situations, talk confidently and clearly in English, follow instructions and respond to questions about stories and events.
Children will learn to move confidently, negotiating space, and controlling their body in large and small movements. They will learn to handle tools effectively, including pencils for writing. They will be able to dress and undress, manage their own personal hygiene and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.
Children will use synthetic phonics to read and write some familiar words and sentences and learn to form letters. They will talk with confidence about stories and their characters, using their imagination to predict what comes next.
Children will develop an understanding of maths through stories, songs, games and imaginative play. They will extend their knowledge of numbers and explore concepts such as addition and subtraction using objects. They will be aware of shapes, space and measures.
Children will explore and find out about the world around them, asking questions about it. They will experience everyday technology and learn what it is used for. They will find out about past events in their lives and their families’ lives. They will find out about different cultures and traditions.
Children will explore colours and shapes, use different materials, create models, experiment with music and dance, tell stories and gain confidence in self-expression.

Welcome to Early Years