Learning Support

Student Support

The British School Barcelona we value the fact that pupils bring to school different experiences and strengths that influence the way they learn. We are committed to identifying each student’s individual learning needs and we offer provision that is flexible and varied to ensure that children work at age-related expectations or above and achieve their personal potential, whatever their needs and abilities.

The Student Support at the BSB is Universal, Targeted or Specialist depending on each child’s needs. Each type of support provision focuses on two main aspects: Academic Learning and health and mental Wellbeing.


Quality first teaching for all

Learning: This is the quality first teaching your child will receive from his/her class teacher in the classroom. It may include adaptations to match learning needs or focussed work within lessons.

Wellbeing: Every classroom in Primary has a worry box and an emotional check-in system, so that students can share concerns or how they are feeling with their class teacher.


Additional interventions to enable children to work at age-related expectations or above

Learning: Some children may need extra support at any point in their learning process. We offer specific, additional and time-limited interventions for children who need help to accelerate their progress. These may take place in the classroom or outside of the classroom in the form of workshops targeting a group of pupils with similar needs. Workshops include BLAST (language programme for younger students), fine motor skills, phonics, reading, reading comprehension, writing, maths and working memory.

Wellbeing: Our Wellbeing Lead is always at the gate in the mornings to greet students and provide parents with an opportunity to discuss concerns that have arisen at home. We also facilitate regular targeted emotional and social check-ins for students who need some extra support.


Additional highly personalised interventions

Learning: This is targeted provision for a small percentage of children who either require a high level of additional support or specialised provision in order to address their needs. It may be necessary to seek specialist advice and regular long-term support from a professional outside of the school in order to plan for the best possible learning outcomes.

Wellbeing: A reduced number of children may need more focused support to build up their self- esteem, confidence or social relationship skills. We offer a series of short workshops, tailored to the needs of small groups of students, based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy.

Student Support Team

The British School of Barcelona counts with a student support team, formed by a range of specialists and learning assistants who provide in-class support, workshops and highly personalised learning support.

The team is committed to provide students with academic, emotional or social support whenever necessary. This includes both students with special educational needs (SEND) which make learning harder for them than for other children of their age, and also exceptionally able students who have the ability to shine, consistently performing, or capable of performing, at a level significantly ahead of their peer group in one or more areas.

The team is overseen by the Director of Student Support who works in close collaboration with the school Wellbeing Leads/Mentor, the Pastoral Leads and the Safeguarding Leads. In addition, the department counts with learning assistants specialised in different areas, who can support children in the classroom setting, whether individually or in small groups. 

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