Visual & Performing Arts


Just take a walk around the school and you can’t help but notice the importance of art in the life of our international school. The walls of many of the public spaces are adorned with pieces from many of our past and present students.

Pupils of The British School of Barcelona are actively encouraged in their studies through a strong programme of exhibiting work. Every year we host a public Art Exhibition, showcasing only a small selection of the stunning work produced by our GCSE and A Level students (see video below).

Throughout Key Stage 3 we make sure all students are taught the skills and processes to take the subject at higher levels while encouraging students to develop their own pieces and ultimately have ownership of the art they create. This ethos continues through to (I)GCSE and A Level where students actively research and design their own personal Art projects and are actively encouraged in their studies through a strong program of exhibiting work. This has several bonuses, firstly there’s no ´house style´ for the department and secondly the work covers an incredibly wide range of contemporary themes and genres personally important to each student.


Enrichment Programme

In addition, and as part of our enrichment curriculum, we run several workshops and educational visits to enhance the work students do in school:

  • Mosaic workshop for KS4 KS5 classes
    Where the students have the opportunity to work with professional mosaic artists from the Gaudi foundation
  • Printing workshop
    A two-day event where students work in the studios with internationally renowned master printers to enhance their existing units of work and to give them a taste of what its like to work as a professional artist.
  • Ceramic workshop
    A two day event where students work in the studios of a local ceramicist producing and firing ceramic sculptures based on their existing work.
  • Educational visits
    These include trips to galleries in Barcelona for events and in the past we have also run trips to Madrid (El Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia art galleries)


Exceptionally Able Student (EAS) Programme

We also offer an EAS programme where we offer extra opportunities for up and coming artists from Key Stage 3 to enhance their artistic skills. These events change from year to year but might involve producing murals, working with students in lower years, excursions to art events or shows… Everything and anything to cherish and promote the subject across a wider field.


Outstanding Learner Awards – Fine Art

Every year our students  achieve outstanding levels of performance in their external examinations. Last year, the prestigious Outstanding Learner Awards rewarded one of our GCSE students with the highest grade for an Art student in Spain and one of our students in A Level received the highest grade in the whole of Europe. We could consider ourselves one of the top art departments working in Europe at the moment.

We are intensely proud of the work our pupils produce in school and we are sure you will understand why when you take a tour around the school and the online gallery.


Our Students’ Art Work

Isolation Photos

Abstract Art

CD Album Art

IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2021 (53)

2021 IB Visual Arts


Drama also plays a key part in the british school life through every year group. It allows students to develop their English, increase confidence, improve peer relationships and become more confident speaking in public – a key skill in our world today. Our students are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and different ways of moving and speaking; to discuss playwright styles and dramatic techniques through practitioners like Brecht and Stanislavski; to make original directorial decisions and defend their choices. Led by our specialist teachers, Drama lessons help the students of The British School of Barcelona develop their independence and identity both within the classroom and beyond.

Every year our students work towards and participate in our international school productions, whether taking the spotlight or behind the scenes, in sound, lighting, costumes, make-up, scenery-construction or stage-management. Their repertoire covers everything from classics and musicals to the latest contemporary plays.

Our BSB Theatre

We are fortunate to have a 700 m2 fully equipped venue with 376 seats at the Castelldefels campus.

This purpose designed theatre gives students many opportunities for performance, from the regular Drama lessons to the more formal whole school productions, including regular concerts, recitals and performances.