Wellbeing & Pastoral Care


At The British School of Barcelona we want to affirm to every student that their whole wellbeing matters, that’s Mind, Body and Spirit, aspects whixch are intrinsically connected to their academic progress.

We know that we can’t separate Academic Health from the Physical and Emotional, that when students are emotionally well it positively impacts their engagement in class and the wider world around them. “Who am I”, “Who and I to you?” and “Who am I to the Wider World?” are key questions we want every student to be able to answer and that starts with every student knowing and having confidence in who they are and who they can become.

Our wellbeing coordinators in both Primary (Wellbeing Leads) and Secondary and Pre-University (Wellbeing Mentor) are responsible for establishing the necessary support mechanisms and resources to help students develop skills such as resilience, creativity and determination that will allow it to face in the future the demands of the complex and constantly changing world in which we live.

Wellbeing is embodied through our pastoral system and at the heart of the student-tutor relationship.

Wellbeing is also the foundation of a Cognita Education and it is integral to our overall purpose of ‘Providing an inspiring world of education: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed’.

Global Be Well Day

On 27th September 2019 we celebrated our first Global Be Well Day, a groundbreaking initiative promoted by Cognita worldwide to raise awareness about the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Cognita Home Games

Sport and being active is a key part of our wellbeing. On 18-22 May 2020, the wole BSB community are called to participate in a special and unique event with the aim of inspiring our school communities to get active, train hard and above all – have fun.

Pastoral Care

The British School Barcelona pastoral care system relies on the informed supportive structure in which all teachers play an active part in the welfare of our students. The principal duties of BSB School tutors are to see each student in their tutor group, both formally and informally, to develop a relationship of trust and confidence, and be closely and continuously aware of individual tutee’s problems providing practical and moral support.

The British School of Barcelona Tutorial system has many purposes; we try to foster our students’ personal and social growth, so that they develop a sense of individual responsibility and an awareness of health-related issues. We also supervise their academic progress and encourage them to develop sound habits of work and study.

BSB School encourage students in small groups to express themselves confidently and articulately by developing students’ critical thinking, expression of opinion, self-confidence, leadership qualities, initiative and public-speaking skills. We aim to broaden students’ cultural and intellectual interests through our vibrant PSHE programme (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education).

Weekly tutorial sessions take place in all years groups,from Nursery to Year 13.

Peer Education Project​

Peer-to-Peer support programe, in partnership with Mental Health Foundation

Philosophy for Children

An approach to learning and teaching which enhances children’s critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinking