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BSB Wellbeing Team

We are extremely lucky to have a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists

They are available to help if you feel you need it (whether parent or student)

Ms Carol Coleman Director of Student Support
Ms Jean O’Dwyer Wellbeing Lead for BSB Castelldefels EYFS & Primary
Ms Pilar Gómez Learning Support Lead for BSB Castelldefels EYFS & Primary
Ms Laura Usher Wellbeing Lead for BSB Sitges EYFS & Primary
Ms Anne Marie Murphy Learning Support Lead for BSB Sitges EYFS & Primary
Ms Jessica Haynes Learning Support and Wellbeing Lead for BSB City EYFS & Primary
Mr Andy Burns Wellbeing Mentor for Secondary & Pre-University
Ms Catherine Burns Assistant Head – Personal Development for Secondary
Ms María Jesús Pérez Head of Learning Support for Secondary & Pre-University

Be Well Resources for Families

Tips to Support your Child’s Return to School

Be Well Tips for Parents on the Return to School

This Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Do we really understand what this means for us and our reality?

The Importance of Self-Kindness

Self-kindness helps us work with our habit of self-criticism

Why is Sleep Important

10 tips to foster sleep when confronting the Covid-19 pandemic

From Comparative Suffering to Empathy

When we are faced with stressful situations, What should we do?

Be Well Resources for Students

Playlist by Mr Andy Burns, BSB Wellbeing Mentor 

Be Well Tips during Coronavirus

School Closure or Self-isolation: Advice for Teenage Students

The school closure might make you feel worried, uncertain, nervous – or you might be excited about the possibility of not being at school.

All these emotions are totally natural. We can use this situation to help us become more resilient: keep the following tips in mind to help you get the most out of a difficult experience. 

Talking to your kid about Coronavirus

The fast-moving developments and intensive news coverage in relation to coronavirus can be challenging for parents.

The following tips for parents compiled by our Cognita Education and Wellbeing Team are designed to help when discussing the issue with your child.

Maintaining Wellbeing During School Closures

These are uncertain times as a parent. As well as not being able to tell your child what is or isn’t going to happen in the coming weeks, you will also need to oversee their learning at home.

It is natural that you may feel anxious about this, but some of these tips may be helpful.

Sleep during Covid-19

The Covid-19 Pandemic is an extreme and global crisis,
which is hugely demanding on our physical and mental
health. Now, more than ever, we should think about why
and how sleep plays such a critical part in improving our

Find more resources on Cognita Be Well website
Find more resources on Cognita Be Well website

Be Well ideas from our Cognita family

Screen Free Competitions

We know how important it is to keep a balance between online learning and screen time. 

Our Secondary departments have launched creative competitions for students to stay away from the screen, and let their imagination run wild!

The Coronavirus Time Capsule

A youth theatre project where a group of BSB Drama students will record their teenage experience during the coronavirus pandemic weekly.

An initiative of Company Three

Week 1: The Beginning…

Week 3:  Year 11 – About Us

Week 3:  Year 12 – About Us

Week 4:  Year 11-13  – School

Keeping Fit

Our PE & Sports team wants our community to keep fit and healthy during this long period of confinement. 

They are constantly challenging us to exercise and keep active. 

If you are struggling for ideas, pick a workout from our PE forum Padlet or take one of the daily challenges.

They are great fun and will help release the pressure of these days!

Quarantine Thoughts

Need some advice to make life a little more bearable whilst we are all stuck at home? 

Our Wellbeing Mentor, Andy Burns, is recording a series of short videos aimed at supporting students and the wider community to cope with the emotionally challenging situation of self-isolation or quarantine over a prolongued period of time.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow our Wellbeing Playlists for further updates

10 Top Tips to bear home confinement

What you have to be grateful for

Let’s not forget how important exercising is!

Take some time away from screens

Weekend Fun

Just for Fun – Every Weekend – Why don’t try one of our suggestions?