At The British School of Barcelona, we are presented with a world full of opportunities, and on 13th March our students had the unique opportunity to interview Regina Rodríguez Sirvent, Catalan author and writer of the acclaimed novel Les calces al sol, which has already become a publishing phenomenon.

Les calces al sol (La Campana – 9788418226571) is Rodríguez Sirvent’s debut novel, initially published in Catalan, where its success was so resounding that the launch in Spanish was not long in coming. Every week, the novel is among the bestsellers nationally, demonstrating its powerful resonance with the public.

With universal themes that transcend generations, the novel has captivated BSB’s young readers, who have immersed themselves in the text and have not stopped asking the author fascinating questions.

During the visit to BSB, Rodríguez Sirvent praised the eloquence and brilliance of our students’ questions, highlighting the level of the interview during the talk. An exceptional opportunity, as the author revealed that she rarely grants many encounters, which makes the experience even more valuable for our students.

The talk, which lasted over an hour and a half, allowed the students to analyse in detail various aspects of Les calces al sol, from the literary style to the motive that inspired the story, the autobiographical spirit of the text, the creative process, the evolution of the characters, the selection of the settings, and the development of the plot towards a deeper and more reflective ending.

The students had the opportunity to get to know the author, her passions, her interests, her writing routine, her background and experiences, as well as her life project. Rodríguez Sirvent opened up to the students, sharing her facet as a new mother and transmitting how she lives intensely each stage, learning from each situation and considering life as a journey full of experiences.

In addition, the author previewed exciting news that will soon see the light of day. Without spoilers, we invite everyone to dive into Les calces al sol, share the novel with your adolescent children and live this literary experience together.

Undoubtedly, Regina Rodríguez Sirvent’s visit has left an indelible mark on our students, offering them not only the opportunity to talk with an outstanding author, but also to explore the magic behind literary creation and the stories that connect generations. At BSB, we continue to open doors to new opportunities, nurturing curiosity and a love of literature and a love of reading among our young people.