Providing healthy lunches, encouraging good eating habits, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle are essential components of school life at The British School of Barcelona. Thanks to our catering provider Saned at all our campuses, BSB Castelldefels, BSB Sitges, and BSB City, we can guarantee a varied and high-quality diet for all our students, with fresh, organic and seasonal food — they thrive in the fact that their seasonal fruits and vegetables are from local producers and grown under sustainable agriculture criteria and their fish are fresh from the fishmongers — all this giving our school lunch a differential value.

Saned, with more than twenty years of experience in providing food for educational centres, has recently signed a pioneering and exclusive alliance with the Ametller Origen Group, a company specializing in fresh and sustainable products. The aim is to elevate the standards of the gastronomic experience we offer our students, allowing them to enjoy their daily meals and encouraging them to maintain positive habits.

According to Saned, this ‘unique and unprecedented’ project enables them to select high-quality ingredients for the preparation of ‘nutritious and succulent dishes with exceptional, sophisticated, and delicious recipes.’ This is great news for our entire school community.

‘It is an alliance between two companies aiming to innovate,’ explained Eduard Garcia, CEO and founder, at the presentation of the agreement.

‘We are proud to offer school canteens fresh fruit and vegetables from our fields, as well as new natural yogurts made with A2 milk in our atelier in Olèrdola. We believe this agreement will be a success because both companies have combined our expertise to make it possible,’ added Ametller Origen’s CEO and co-founder Josep Ametller.

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FC Barcelona Foundation
In addition, Saned, our school catering company, has also launched an initiative in collaboration with the FC Barcelona Foundation focused on the prevention of bullying.

With the aim of offering a safe and pleasant environment, where the students’ experience is not only healthy but also educational and enriching, Saned has teamed up with the FC Barcelona Foundation, which offers prevention, detection, and intervention programmes in all schools to respond to any form of violence to which students may be exposed.

At BSB, we share these values of wellbeing and continuous improvement and applaud these collaboration agreements that will allow us to raise the profile of our school lunch service for the benefit of our community.

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