With the start of the Spring Term, we feel it’s a great moment to pause, reflect and celebrate a whirlwind of learning and memorable moments at The British School of Barcelona during the first term of this school year.

Opening our doors to over 100 new families in September at the new BSB City Main Campus in Barcelona was a true testament to our values of unity and diversity. The seamless blending of ‘old’ and ‘new’ members speaks volumes about the inclusivity ingrained in our community—a community bound by the camaraderie of parents, children, and our dedicated staff.

In our classrooms, the embodiment of our 9 BSB Learning Habits was a delight to witness throughout the term. Students displayed curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, and leadership skills, igniting a culture of dynamic learning. Educational visits were a vibrant part of our curriculum, allowing students to delve deeper into their projects and foster friendships while exploring diverse places—from turtle sanctuaries to immersive experiences in museums, parks, and even virtual outer space!

Celebrating our cultural diversity was at the heart of our calendar, with events marking traditions, religions, and global awareness. Whether it’s Global Be Well Day, Black History Month, or Diwali, these celebrations align with our goal of nurturing caring individuals principled in our beliefs.

Sustainability remained a core value, with projects like creating eco-friendly facilities, installing solar panels in all of our campuses, developing the vegetable garden at the BSB STEM Centre, and actively participating in global initiatives like CNN’s Call to Earth Day. One of our children’s stories was even chosen to be shown live on CNN International on November 28th!

Students actively contributed to shaping our school culture through spirited house competitions, council activities, and impactful decision-making processes, ensuring our house system is meaningful and engaging. Communication between home and school remained a priority, with numerous events, from opening ceremonies to fundraising events, community sports fixtures, parent talks and workshops, and parent-teacher meetings, ensuring everyone feels welcome and part of the BSB Community.

Our older students were also busy, showcasing their talents at the Model United Nations (MUN) conference, engaging with universities worldwide, and achieving top marks in Spain in various AS and A Level subjects.

The festive season saw our doors open wide for Christmas shows, exhibitions of learning, and joyous gatherings, such as our first Christmas BSB Alumni reunion ever. Our parent community played a pivotal role in bringing these moments to life, highlighting the collaborative spirit that defines our school.

We look forward to a Spring Term filled with learning, growth, and a sense of belonging.