On Tuesday, 9th January, we were honoured to host the Mayor of Castelldefels, Manuel Reyes, and his council team for their first-ever visit to The British School of Barcelona.

Acting Executive Principal James Petrie and Senior Business Manager Dominik Anke warmly welcomed Mayor Reyes and his team, providing them with an in-depth look into our innovative educational vision. The presentation highlighted the significance of our ongoing multi-campus expansion, encompassing locations in Castelldefels, Sitges, and Barcelona.

During the visit, our school leaders emphasised our commitment to building meaningful local connections. They underscored our active participation in the ‘Sharing to Learn’ language assistants programme with local schools and our dedication to charitable causes, particularly our enduring partnership with the Red Cross in Castelldefels.

A special feature of the day was a guided tour led by three of our students, showcasing various facilities within our Castelldefels campus. The tour included the rugby stadium shared with the town hall, the state-of-the-art BSB STEM Centre, and the BSB Nexus Pre-University campus. The Mayor and his team were deeply impressed by the leadership skills displayed by our students, who presented our school with eloquence and pride.

The visit also offered an opportunity for discussions on how we can collaboratively work and advance. The exchange of ideas and insights further strengthened our shared vision for excellence and continuous improvement.

As part of his broader tour of local schools, Mayor Reyes shared his thoughts after the visit: ‘Today I visited El Garigot and The British School of Barcelona. We cannot conceive the future of our city without understanding that the foundation of our societies lies in good education. Without understanding, there can be no comprehension, and that’s why I visited the schools of Castelldefels, where I have been discussing how we can continue to improve this crucial pillar.’

We express our sincere gratitude for Mayor Reyes’ visit, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to staying connected with our local community. We eagerly anticipate upcoming initiatives to further strengthen these bonds and continue contributing to the educational landscape in Castelldefels.